“Is Life A Contradiction?”


Have you noticed that life is a contradiction?

Nature tends to supply you with more of what you already have.

Successes effortlessly fall into your lap when you’re on a hot streak. However, when the fire wears off and you face a dry spell, the mountain becomes a lot harder to climb.

How can you overcome this contradiction?

Structure Your lifestyle So Successes Bounce
Off One Another

  • It’s easier to get girls when you have girls.
  • It’s easier to make money when you have money.
  • It’s easier to find work when you have work experience.

Thinking about past successes helps to remember the winning mindset, even if you’re currently facing “losses”.

Abundance gravitates towards those who focus and act upon it.

Temporary setbacks should cause you to feel nothing on an emotional level. Both money and women flee from a person who’s insecure about his abilities.

Success will come – you just have to put yourself into that position.

Set Yourself Upon The Right Trajectory

You’ll find out more from 100 rejections than if you sat at home and did nothing. The only way to break the cycle of the monotonous is to step outside of your comfort zone. If you don’t learn how to live abundantly, you’ll continue to see the same results.

Good looking women can tell if you’re comfortable around women of similar attractiveness. If you’re used to banging mediocre chicks (or none at all), you have to actually face your anxiety if you want to see better results.

I’ve come to view anxiety as a good thing – it means you’re pushing yourself in the right direction. Think of it as an indicator you’re reaching for the previously unattainable.

As long As You Own Your Anxiety, You’ll Do Just Fine

It’s crazy how the same principles apply to so many different realms of life.

Game is sales.

  • You’re selling yourself to women
  • You’re selling yourself to your employer
  • You’re selling your ideas to your business partners

Charisma is real – and it can be learned.

External feedback is the ultimate teacher. At the same time, you don’t need to base your self-worth on every single immediate result.

When you dissolve your insecurities, the process of developing your game becomes fun. When the game becomes fun, you don’t leak any neediness because there isn’t any.

In return, the universe rewards you with abundance.


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  1. […] We typically get more of what we already have because that’s what we end up expecting. A natural alpha does well with women because that’s all he knows. His reality has been reinforced throughout his entire life, so he understands on an extremely deep/subconscious level that he is entitled to victory. The person who you believe yourself to be is what you will manifest for yourself. Your emotional imprint will always dominate over positive self-talk. What this truly comes down to is frame control. […]

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