It Pays To Have A Definite Purpose When You Want To Increase Your Focus

A definite purpose is essential for realizing an outcome.

The clearer your vision, the better.

Closing a door increases energy and commitment to better options.

How can you sharpen your purpose?

Allow me to blow your mind.

The Only Thing In Existence Is This Present Moment

You must put 100% effort into each and every action. This attentiveness causes you to have a strong presence. When you focus on the immediate task before you, rationalizations are thrown out the window.

Go ahead and put your money where your mouth is.

Life will throw a lot of irrelevant situations your way to test your focus. It’s your duty to disregard sentimental fantasies about how you think reality SHOULD be. When an opportunity presents itself, you must assert your strategy.

Air out your relationships if you have to.

If a girl has been acting up you already know what to do – seize the moment and follow through with your philosophy.

People who give you attitude are begging you to give them space. Some of them will come around to accept your terms of engagement and others won’t. Either way, it doesn’t matter.

You Simply Have To Remain Focused On Your Own Lane

Why would you slow your growth for the sake of helping ungrateful people achieve their own selfish dreams?

The benefits of association must outweigh the drawbacks. If no benefits exist, then no such association will take place.

There will be moments where you will have no one to turn to. Will you stay focused on what’s best for your long-term growth even if everyone wants to throw you off the track?

Take Every Moment As It Comes

For instance, when you put a person on ice they NEED silence to ponder their violations. If you’re inexperienced with wielding strength, it might be very tempting to sabotage the suspense you have created. It takes tremendous discipline to freeze people out, especially if you care too much about their reactions.

Repeated successes solidify new perceptions of what you’re capable of.

When you stay true to the power deep within you, self-respect becomes a natural by-product because of the way you carry yourself. Always do what every situation requires regardless of “feelings”.

You have to be willing to keep your word/walk away without bluffing.

I already know where I’m headed… If people aren’t trying to ride, that’s their problem. My focus is locked on target. I will not change course if dead-weight is trying to throw me off balance. I value my own success above the need to please others. I’m savoring this journey regardless if anyone else is with me or not.

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