“The Millionaire Fastlane” By MJ DeMarco – Book Review

millionaire fastlane

I just finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco.

The first thing that immediately struck me about the book was that it was chock full of high-value principles such as self-sufficiency, responsibility, and accountability.

To become aware of your own power means to adopt high-value thinking patterns.

This book is an essential guide to financial freedom.

The Book Details 3 Financial Trajectories:
The Sidewalk, The Slowlane, And The Fastlane.

  • The sidewalk is an existence riddled in debt.
  • The slowlane is the square life of begging for scraps while your boss gets richer.
  • The fastlane is the life of the entrepreneur who aims to add value to the world.

The fastlaner recognizes that trading time for money is a terrible idea – Instead, he opts to grow autonomous money trees operating outside time.

Throughout the past year, I’ve been reading various books about how successful people think. An overlap I noticed is they value TIME above all else. Time is the most limited resource that you have, while money is extremely abundant.

Always Make Decisions Based On *Time*

Notice how this applies to all the realms of your life.

What’s that? A girl expects you to give her the boyfriend experience without giving up her pussy?


It amazes me how orbiters are completely oblivious to this key principle.

Another overlap this book caused me to notice between business and game is that MARKETING is half the battle. If you have a great product but suck at conveying its worth, no one will buy it. People will ignore a poorly marketed product, but will buy the same exact thing if you as a seller change your marketing strategy.

How does this apply to game?

The same girl who rejected you will change her mind if you make yourself appear more enticing. If you flirt with hotter girls in front of her and demonstrate social proof, she will suddenly find herself wanting what she formerly spurned.

Think In Terms Of Value

When I was younger I would never tip, and I would never bring alcohol to parties. Surprisingly, that period of my life was one giant dry spell. My attitude was that of a value TAKER. When I interacted with girls, I would bask in their value (attractiveness) while offering none of my own (charisma, fun, self-amusement). Value TAKERS feel entitled to victory without doing anything to deserve it.

These days I aim to ADD VALUE to every situation big or small.

Even if you desire to add value, you must plant your value in fertile soil if you want it to flourish. A lot of people start their own businesses with the best intentions, but end up failing because they did not assess the demand of their particular value.

The market is the ultimate judge of value… whether it be your SMV or your business idea. Think of it as one giant mirror. The sad thing is, a lot of people refuse to accept their low value and would rather live in denial instead of putting in work to improve it.

If you truly desire to bring value to the world, you must put aside your pride and accept that victory is a process not an event.

Your finances are a direct reflection of the value that you offer to the world. Fulfill the needs of a million people and you become a millionaire. There is most definitely a formula for success, and it entails working WITH reality instead of against it. Surely there must be some niche within the market you can fill. I’m not going to break down the entire process, because that’s what the book is for.

You’re personally responsible for your own success.

P.S. Read The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco.

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