Are You Waiting On Others To Save You From Your Insecurities?


The only person who can save you from your insecurities is YOURSELF.

Go back and read that again.

Did it sink in?

You Don’t Have To Wait For People To Give You The Green Light To Feel Good About Yourself

I feel as if too many people expect others to save them from their insecurities. Betas in particular have a tendency to project all of their problems onto their respective objects of desire.

If only my one-itis would be my girlfriend!

Such thinking is completely delusional because it sets unrealistic expectations. Every single person is “flawed” in their own way. Woman are not virtuous angels with magical powers.

We all have positive and negative traits.

I have witnessed betas rage when their fantasies come crashing down. Expecting people to solve your problems will only set you up for frustration. Even cads who fuck hundreds of women can still remain unfulfilled if they never find out how to love themselves. They think, “Maybe if I get another notch I’ll be able to love myself unconditionally.”

We all mask our insecurities in different ways – junk food, drugs, casual sex, reality tv, etc.

Others compensate by pushing positive habits to diminishing returns.

  • fluff reading as procrastination.
  • compulsive socialization as “networking”.
  • spending all your time in the gym instead of rounding out weaknesses.

It’s Important To Get To The Root Of Why You
Feel The Way You Do

I lacked self-esteem in grade school because I was too pussy to get pussy. This feedback loop became a self-fulfilling cycle.

One day, I noticed a new foreign exchange student sitting by herself in the main common area. Despite being extremely quiet, I decided to say hello. Even with my low confidence I could tell that she was immediately attracted. We went out to lunch and my mind was blown at how easy it was to talk to girls.

This couldn’t be!

Talking to girls was supposed to be hard!

My ego was not used to this kind of “success”. This new reality was too much for me to handle so I intentionally sabotaged the flirty vibe by acting like a giant asshole (the abrasive kind).

At the time, I couldn’t see girls as flawed humans. I wasn’t mentally ready to leave the low value reality I had built for myself. It was too comfortable.

My ego (identity) refused to acknowledge this potential change.

I was emotionally invested in my insecurities because they gave me excuses to hold myself back. The victory line was inches away, but I couldn’t accept it – even though it’s what I truly desired.

If success with women was really so easy, what else was my ego forcing me to miss out on?

You End Up With What You Think You Deserve

You will never know your capabilities until you try. I thought of myself as a loser, even when external reality told me otherwise. Congruency to my identity was more important than success. It was my own negative thoughts that kept me in a state of arrested development.

It’s crazy how our egos don’t allow for too much immediate change. Extremely rapid positive changes can’t be comprehended.

It has taken me several years to break my old identity apart piece by piece. The loser mentality was formed through circumstance and it was destroyed with experience. Success is much easier when you feel worthy of it.

Low self-esteem is not inherent to your being.

I feel as if everyone is born with confidence. From childhood onward we’re all placed on varying trajectories that mold our personalities accordingly. It’s a mix between nature and nurture.

Indulgences Are A Temporary Escape From A
Negative Self-Image

The dopamine burst is fleeting. You’ll forever be chasing the dragon until you raise your average emotional baseline. The only way to have healthy relationships is to accept others for who they actually are.

People are just people.

Take responsibility for your own insecurities by putting yourself into situations that force you to conquer them.

Life Is Better When You Respect Yourself

This positive self-worth has always been with you… sadly, too many lose sight of it. I’ve had plenty of opportunities in front of me throughout my life, but I let them pass me by because I didn’t feel worthy enough to take action.

Only so much will fall into your lap…

Can you imagine what will happen when you stand up and take what’s rightfully yours?

You’re directly responsible for your own success.

Relevant Reading: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willick


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  1. says

    I fully believe this is the most important aspect and the end game of the red pill. Game, social dynamics, learning about hypergamy, all are corollary to the ultimate truth of the red pill, which is you are 100% responsible of your life. It can be scary at first, but eventually, you start to love the freedom of being the one in total control of your life. That in my eyes is the true essence of the red pill. True freedom, autonomy and independence.

  2. Biggest Pimp says

    “We end up with what we think we deserve.” Nice! Everyone should print those words and hang them up somewhere in their apartments in order to never forget this wisdom.

    I’ma quote Pimp Rosebudd: “I’m the motherfucking prize, you know. I’m the prize, you’re not the prize. I can have seven motherfuckers like you. You can never find another motherfucker like me. If you ain’t got that mentality, then you’ll always be thrown off by what others are doing. You gotta remember: Make yourself totally DIFFERENT: head and shoulders above than the others.
    You have to interpret the different moves that the broad is making, so that you can see your way to get at her. Or else you’re just talking, man, that’s a BIG, BIG MISTAKE. If you try to deal with the particular woman’s mindset and you try to deal with where she is coming from, you will NEVER catch her because that’s her objective, to be as difficult to catch as possible.

    What you’re supposed to do, you’re supposed to CHANGE the mindset, you’re supposed to, in one, two, three, four questions, see where this woman is coming from and then you’re supposed to drop lines to make her start accepting where YOU are coming from, with her unconciously knowing that she’s accepting it – with the smile, the getting-the-joke here, you know, knowing exactly what you’re saying when you say it.

    That lets you know that she is following you. That lets you know that you got action because she is listening to you. And before you know it, if you know what you are doing, which I do, I am going to put it into what → I ← am talking about. At that point I know what to do because she is into ME. I don’t care how many women I have, they all have to be into ME, I don’t get into them.

    I ain’t waiting on bitches. I ain’t got no patience. And if you’re waiting, you’re making a mistake. The bitch is supposed to wait on you, hand and foot, that’s the pimping. You got very little time to make your decision to fuck with me. You don’t have to fuck with me, go take time fucking with your blow or whoever. You don’t HAVE TO fuck with me. You either WANT to fuck with me, or you don’t. If you DO, then you gonna fuck with me the way I wanna be fucked with.”


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