The Pecking Order

pecking order
People are competitive.

The social hierarchy is formed through competition.

Shit tests/chump tests are part of human nature.

We have to test one another in order to determine our capabilities/value. Bullying and peer pressure are methods of putting our frames to the test.

People have to know who their leaders are.

Individuals with weak frames are pushed to the side because they don’t have much social value to offer.

The Sheep Recognize The Shepherd

Leaders have to be strong.

From an evolutionary standpoint, humans despise weakness. If you’re at the bottom of the social totem pole, you’ll find yourself attacked and harassed. People who get bullied LET others shit on them because they’re ignorant of the dynamics of power.

The weak are easy targets. Bullies assume that weaklings won’t be able to defend themselves, and oftentimes they’re right.

Bullying is simply an intensified chump test. The people least likely to withstand social pressure have to face the worst of society’s wrath. Their weak body language and fragile frames invite all kinds of exploitation.

There will always be shit-talking and feather-ruffling among all social tiers – even if it’s just light-hearted teasing.

Power Is Consolidated Among Individuals

In order for people to possess power, others must lack it. This is an unchangeable fact of life; especially because we’re all of different capabilities. To celebrate those less capable means the great must sink to their level.

Every person should play to their OWN strengths instead of pretending to be of “equal” capacity as everyone else.

Many will never comprehend a winning reality because they’re too comfortable within their low-value molds – and it isn’t your responsibility to save them.

The entire range of the social spectrum will always exist. It’s a nice and fuzzy thought to think no one should have to endure the drawbacks of a loser lifestyle. However, such a reality is impossible.

Society Will Always Have Its Winners And Losers

Certain traits, skills, and assets are undeniably valuable.

If you don’t offer any value whatsoever, why should people hold you in the same regard as a person who does?

It’s completely delusional that people try to ban bullying. Trying to do so is akin to banning sex. Our world isn’t rated G. If people chump you, then you’re a chump.

Others Will Only Violate With As Much As
You Let Them Get Away With

Blowing up with butt-hurtedness betrays a weak frame. You have to learn how to handle fitness tests properly if you want to develop a solid reality.

From a loser state of mind, it seems counter-intuitive to hold your frame in order to gain respect.

“I should sacrifice my personality so others will like me!”

People might react viciously when you hold your ground… but they will eventually accept your frame, no matter how grudgingly. A person who degrades himself for the amusement of others displays an obvious lack of self-worth. If you feel the need to agree with everyone all the time you have no sense of self.

When you have proper self-esteem, fitness tests cease to bother you. At the same time, if a person shows themselves to be a habitual line-stepper then you might just have to slap a fool. Violence isn’t the only option, but it’s the FINAL option. Verbal gymnastics don’t always cut it.

It doesn’t matter if you lose – what matters is that you hold your ground.

Respect Is Everything

It’s important to stay true to your frame regardless of external pressure. Sucking up to others simply makes you look like a loser.

The ultimate frame is one of “eternal singularity”.

Only those who possess nothing can possess everything.

When you’re 100% secure within your own reality, others will be unable to impose their frames upon you. A high value man does what he wants regardless of what people want him to do. Sometimes he agrees – other times he doesn’t.

That’s why “NO” is a word of power.

Should you go out of my way to win the approval of others? Hell nah… that’s the road to loserville. It’s best to respect those who show respect towards you. Value-drains must be immediately cut off and plugged.

People who waste your time and resources are stealing from you.

When snakes rape your time, they take a portion of your life that you’ll never get back. Attempting to win the fake over is a hopeless struggle. There are plenty of people who are adept at making you feel like a friend – yet they only want a free ride on your back.

You’ll never find acceptance within every social circle, because different crowds value different things.

Get in where you fit in.

Some demographics despise your life choices. It’s pointless to beg others to accept you. If you end up in such a position, you might as well neuter yourself.

Be Proud Of Your Frame

There has to be a point of total self-acceptance. When you channel your genuine self, you’ll have more opportunities to create your ideal lifestyle. Others who mesh well with your true personality will reveal themselves to you.

It’s impossible to live your dream until you’re able to withstand social pressure.


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  1. Exuberant Auditor says

    So you’re basically advocating the law of the jungle here. Straying away from it, reducing bullying and strong-eats-weak mentality is exactly what made civilization possible. And you talk about this as if it were a bad thing.

      • Exuberant Auditor says

        Yes, but civilization (which I like to define as Rule of Law replacing Rule of Power/Strength) can only be maintained as long as bullying gets checked and greatly limited.

        Civilization became possible when humans became smart enough to realize that, while hierarchy in every field is unescapable, even desirable for things to get ahead, the abuse of higher-status men towards lower-status ones should be limited, which is what bullying basically is. The only abuse lower-status individuals get should be lesser privileges and money (and with those, women); everyone else spitting on them on top of that because they have less power shouldn’t be part of the deal nor should it be tolerated in a society worth living in.


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