What Matters Most?

what matters most
Deep thought through persistent introspection reveals your true self.

My inner self has internalized the masculine principles of self-sufficiency, responsibility, accountability, positive value, and active action.

The only thing that I know is this code.

I cannot stray.

It feels wrong to act any other way.

The red pill mentality is incompatible with a value-leeching lifestyle. As I read more about economics, I see that the only way for me to live is to contribute my truest form of value to society. Markets are supposed to be organic; placing value on a skill/item in relation to its demand. When industries become outdated, nature phases them out. Intervention within the free market forces people into roles that don’t utilize their true potential.

I was born with an urge to create

The spoils of a beta life are incompatible with who I want to be.

  • I don’t need tv.
  • I don’t need an expensive lease on a generic car.
  • I don’t need a McMansion.
  • I don’t need a washed up ex-carousel rider gold-digging slut of a wife.
  • I don’t need fake friends.
  • I don’t need cheap entertainment…

All I need is my fucking arena, girls who submit willingly and happily, books full of knowledge, daily workouts, healthy food, travel, and friends who provide mutual value into our relationships.

A solid legacy is what I aim to leave behind… and that is exactly what I am working towards.

All the media I consume points me in the same direction. Every single book or article digested serves to throw gasoline on my internal flame. The nature of economics implies that I have the ability to create my own unique value.

This is ultimately the best option.

I am making the transition between being a consumer and being a producer.

Functional prices encourage the largest volume of production and the largest volume of sales. Profits tell us which goods are most economical to make, and which methods are most efficient to make them with.

True value is undeniable.

If no one benefits from your hustle, you will be pushed aside by more innovative producers.

Brutal, uncaring feedback is what refines your personal value (power, sexuality, and finances).

Every inter-sexual interaction/value execution serves to chisel your frame further into perfection. Action is what develops your style. Feedback evaluates the worth of your philosophy, as well as how true it holds to the realities of life. I cannot settle for offering a mediocre amount of value just for the sake of being comfortable. Growth is exponential… consistent actions in the present will lead to GIGANTIC gains in the future.

No one will see your value until you see it yourself.

The life of an entrepreneur is not for everybody, but I have realized that its ultimate reward (FREEDOM) is worth more than 1,000 years lived as an office slave beta.

What matters most to you?


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    You have to reject the “system”, the limitations placed on you, the role expected of you and follow that internal vision of your own creation … the one you can’t stop thinking about late at night or talking with people until they stifle a yawn because they can’t keep up. You have to validate your own successes, because many can’t see success when it is staring them in the face. They need a score card to understand the outcome. Reject them all and create something so much bigger than even you expected of yourself, then bring that back to the world you rejected and share it with everyone who told you it was impossible. Not to show them up, but to show them what is possible.

    I live for it. It’s the only time I feel alive, except when I am with my son.


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