How Taking Action Affects Your Potential


The quality of our lives depends on the quality of decisions we make.

-Ray Dalio

Taking action is more important than all the theory in the world.

As I work towards utilizing my potential, I am increasingly forcing myself into situations that push my comfort zone. I have grown tired of mainly relying on social circle game to pull girls. It’s easy to wait around for them to fall into your lap, but it’s also far too passive… As a result, I’ve been rolling out solo.

When you go out alone, you have no choice but to practice your game. This strategy helps you become less reliant on alcohol because you’re your own designated driver. In addition, there’s no group of friends to distract yourself with.

When I first started going to bars, I would drink myself to oblivion in order to avoid approaching. While I would talk to the occasional person, I was severely limiting my potential. My initial successes mostly coasted off of the spillover from my more game-aware friends.

Realizing my personal power motivated me to eradicate this passivity. The more you push your boundaries, the more you realize that your default self-image should simply be that of a sociable person. When you see interactions as “approaches” it places a lot of unnecessary pressure on the outcome.

The best strategy is to walk around the venue talking to EVERYBODY. Have fun with it. Never follow any girls around… if they’re interested, they will find their way back to you.

I’ve noticed that perceived winners are most often chill, unreactive to other frames, and in a good mood. This is the ideal state that you should strive towards. There are also the quiet loners, but those types completely undercut their potential. If you want to regularly pull from clubs/bars, you must be BOLD and ASSERTIVE.

Girls CRAVE positive sexual experiences – you just have to feel like you’re the one who can GIVE them that energy.

Now that I drink less and force myself to take consistent action, I have had old feelings of anxiety surface. I used to over-drink and hang around my homies to avoid these emotions, but the time has come for me handle this shit once and for all.

I’ve learned to relax and enjoy every moment for what it is.

Overcoming your demons (anxiety) will let you achieve a far richer life than if you shut yourself off and dwell on falsely perceived negativity. Every person I talk to makes me feel better about my frame, regardless of their reaction.

Going out on my own has helped me greatly expand my social network. You’d be surprised at just how many amazing opportunities there are right in front of you…

Never forget that we’re social creatures.

Exposure to a wide variety of people will teach you a lot about human nature and about yourself. Even if you don’t manage to pull every single night, going out solo is the best way to push your comfort zone and sharpen your game.

If you truly want to reach your potential, you have to regularly invest in your abilities.

  • ACTION is the cure for depression.
  • ACTION is the cure for a weak frame.
  • ACTION is the cure for a low sense of self-worth.

In my younger days, I didn’t have much to offer in terms of social value because I was too focused on my own negative thought patterns. Even if I did go to a party, I would stand around and hide behind my blanket of alcohol. I had no good feelings to share with others because I didn’t feel good about myself.

Socialization was painful because I cared too much about peoples’ reactions instead of the actual vibe between us. I was seeking validation instead of enjoyment.

Notice how this approach is VALUE-TAKING.

The only way to find out what you are made of is to put your “limitations” aside and realize that your ego is a false construction created by your cumulative experiences.

As soon as you try something new, your reality changes.

Instead of being the type of person who CAN’T do “that”… you become the type of person who CAN.

Negative thought patterns are an illusion. They only become real when you dwell upon them.

Practicing gratitude is more conducive to a healthy mentality.


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    A top, top post from one of the best philosophical bloggers in the manosphere. Many thanks for your continued insight.

    Going out alone- with the double whammy of limiting one’s consumption of alcohol- can be a very daunting prospect. But as you have emphasised, action and only action realises potential. I don’t know how you feel about this but I see far too many pussies out there blaming their circumstances (as well as other people) rather than taking responsibility for their inadequacies and thus action.


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