Overcoming Shame – Get Rid Of Your Negative Self-Image Once And For All

overcoming shame
Does your mind shame you for acting confidently?

It’s possible to destroy this mental programming with high-value action.

However, your actions must be *calibrated*.

Let me explain.

Overcoming Shame Requires You To Listen To
Your Inner Winner

I’ll admit, as a teenager I let imprinted toxic shame hold me back from enjoying social interactions.

Every time I found myself in a position to take action, I ceded my power because winning was out of touch with my self-image.

Suppressing your intuition increases self-loathing.

There’s no business trying to pull girls with such a flawed mindset.

Spam approaching with a mind full of shame will let you face your anxiety, but it won’t address the root of the problem. In fact, such a strategy will often make you feel worse because the outcome will rarely be positive.

Understanding the nature of shame and how it connects to your self image is ESSENTIAL for you to move past your negative thought patterns.

External Forces May Try To Weaken Your Will, But It Will Always Be A Part Of Your Essence

Even the most pathetic simps have the same lizard hindbrains as winners.

Shame is an infective parasite. A negative self-image makes you weak against social pressure. Depression arises naturally when you experience constant shame about your very nature. Masking toxic emotions makes losing feel expected and “comfortable”.

The only way to overcome shame is to face these emotions.

You have to feel WORTHY of quality results.

I’ve worked through the vast majority of my anxiety, but it still surfaces from time to time. An extremely effective cure is to meditate through your negative emotions.

Just close your eyes… sit/lie down comfortably… and turn off your logical mind.

Foundational-level healing must occur on an emotional level, not a logical one. Embrace the sensations that arise – Don’t fight the feeling.

LOGICALLY understanding why shame arises will not save you. This struggle is between you and your EMOTIONAL circuit.

WINNERS are in control of their emotions.

Trying To Save Yourself Through Constant External Validation Is A Losing Battle

Shame is not a part of your being.

It’s a LEARNED response… and it can be UNLEARNED.

Only YOU can realize the richness of your own experience.


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  3. […] Accepting this fact is ultimately the right thing to do… If you don’t have your own back at all times, who does? It’s much better to have yourself to fall back on than nobody. You don’t even need to be a total dick about it either, just hold firm boundaries and don’t take shit. Knowing about the nature of power is enough… How you use that knowledge is up to you. At the very least, you won’t buy into the manipulations of others. No one has the right to shame you into doing their bidding. […]

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