“It’s How You Feel About Yourself” – Change Your Mindset, Become More Attractive

how you feel
I recently chilled with one of the biggest natural playas from my hometown. This is the type of guy who has a new girl within the 7-9 range every time you see him.

He isn’t particularly tall, muscular, or good-looking – but he definitely possesses tight game.

While we were hanging out, I inquired about his personal philosophy.

All he said was,

“It’s how you feel about yourself.”

When You Change Your Mindset, You Change Your Aura

The more valuable your attitude, the more attractive your aura.

What this comes down to is being 100% sure of the value you offer.

You project your internal swag onto everyone who you interact with. Pure confidence has you going through the world like a kid in a candy store, sampling a wide variety of social possibilities.

Assumed high value allows you to bounce from person to person without having any emotional attachment to a particular outcome. If anyone emerges as a buzzkill, they self-select for effective removal from your reality.

High value men get quality women – so why wouldn’t she be attracted?

At the same time, a high-value attitude must have some weight behind it. Delusional low-value narcissists may act like they have confidence, but it’s a FAKE confidence. Snarky fedora-wearing neckbeards don’t get top-notch poon because their assumed value is a facade.

Underneath the armor of grandiosity is a frightened little child. Just like a yapping chihuahua barking at the bigger dogs, the low-value narcissist seeks to compensate.

It’s frighteningly obvious when people genuinely feel good about themselves. When you take responsibility for your own fun, other people on a similar wavelength gravitate towards your reality. It’s really quite mindblowing when you see this happen in person.

Once The Positive Momentum Is Established, Your Vibe Will Increasingly Solidify

Experiencing a few unstoppable nights will exponentially raise your confidence. At some point, the lessons of game will become internalized to the degree that you naturally own the vast majority of rooms that you enter.

Game is acquired through practicethe real question is, how badly do you want this skill?

I look back and laugh at how oblivious I used to be. This is how life is SUPPOSED to be lived. Leadership traits are what separate the MEN from the MALES.

You don’t even need to flex on every single person as long as you understand what real masculinity is.

This force within you gives you natural confidence. It’s only when you let falsely-instilled shame about this nature pollute your essence that you start to doubt your abilities.

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