Are You Making The Right Trade-Offs In Your Life?


You have to reject having some things you want in order to get other things you want more.

-Ray Dalio

Are YOU Making The Right Trade-Offs To Realize Your Vision?

It isn’t easy to hold your frame if you aren’t used to it.

Following a leader places most of the social pressure upon him.

Losers sacrifice the power of their realities to avoid conflict.

Building a self-sufficient reality will have people test you more frequently because you pose as a greater threat.

All Realities Have Their Trade-Offs

When you close the door on something you DON’T want to do, you open another on something you DO want to do.

-Andy McNab

Always consider the opposite (hidden) cost to stay sharp.

Not everyone is cut out to accept their personal power. Most people don’t have what it takes to maintain a dominant frame against imposing forces. Weaklings rely on stronger men to carve paths for them, following in their wake. Conversely, winners exchange risk for freedom.

It takes balls to handle the glaring spotlight. A strong frame is absolutely vital in order to deal with the constant jabs and criticisms.

Winners aren’t even bothered by that stuff because they know their own value. Shit tests/chump tests don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell against a stronger frame.

When you become absolutely certain of who you are (VALUABLE), you can literally *create* your own reality from scratch.

The stronger the mind, the more it commands reality. The weaker the mind, the more it obeys.

Who Is Anyone Else To Tell You How To Live?

I’ve learned to disregard the vast majority of opinions, regardless of how passionate they may be. Losers are too full of self-doubt, thus requiring others to tell them what to do/how to act.

As I stated in my post “On Narcissism and Co-Dependency“, people with a weak sense of will gravitate towards those with a stronger one.

What side of the fence would you rather be on?

Losers live within a world of relative comfort, while winners expose themselves to greater risk. It’s in fact this willingness to fail that gives winners the potential for greater rewards.

Comfort Is Stagnation

It’s impossible to live an average life when you realize “comfort” is always subject to change.

If you’re overly reliant on other people, what will you do when they aren’t around?

What if your job becomes obsolete and you don’t have other assets?

“Comfort” is an illusion. There’s always a chance something can go wrong.

Self-Sufficiency Is The ONLY Way

A great way to become more self-sufficient is to travel solo. Such an experience is extremely helpful with regards to understanding a dominant mentality. When your mental barriers get destroyed, they’re gone forever.

There’s simply no way you’ll ever be able to go back.

Being able to handle social/environmental pressure is far more rewarding than living life as an insecure pussy.

When you assume agency of your own personal power, you set yourself free.

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  1. says

    This is relevant for me. I let others tell me that going to law school was a good idea because I was too scared of facing the real world with a humanities degree. Still plugging away, even though I hate it. “It’ll be worth it in the end,” they all say. Maybe.

    The $60k worth of student loan debt makes it slightly more challenging to drop out, but it’s on my mind. Time to create my own reality.

  2. says

    >When you become absolutely certain of who you are (alpha), you can literally CREATE your own reality from scratch.

    You can definitely create your own subjective experience of reality.

    However, reality includes such things as the second law of thermodynamics. You can’t avoid thermodynamics or gravity by being very confident and maintaining alpha frame.

    >Not everyone is cut out to be an alpha. Most people don’t have what it takes to maintain a dominant frame against imposing forces. Betas rely on alphas to carve paths for them, timidly following in their wake. Conversely, alphas exchange risk for freedom. It takes balls to handle the glaring spotlight.

    I think there are different kinds of leaders. Some men are recognized as leaders in electronics engineering, for example, but no one cares what those men think about finance, politics, religion, or sex.

    Likewise, a sexual alpha who busts into a board meeting for a Fortune 500 company will have about 30 seconds to strut about as “alpha male of the group” before security guards break his skull and hand him over to police for trespassing.

    Leadership and achievements in weightlifting or seduction or solo travel don’t automatically lead to leadership and achievements in other areas of endeavor.

    • says

      Nice strawman..

      I’m talking about SOCIAL reality, not physical reality. A “leader of men” who is beta outside the boardroom is merely a paper alpha. Credentials don’t immediately translate to psychosocial dominance. Many “alphas” are considered scumbag losers by society yet clean up with women.


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