The Real Truth About The Law Of Attraction

law of attraction
What’s the truth about the law of attraction?

The LOA equals “like attracts like”.

It’s the guiding force of the universe.

You’ve heard the saying, “think and you shall become”.

However, thoughts aren’t enough to get you what you want.

Your Thoughts And Beliefs Guide You Towards
The Right *Actions*

Far too many people dismiss the LOA as new-age mumbo jumbo. Don’t let the pseudo-spiritual crowd blind you to the truth of this law.

The evidence is all around you.

You get more of what you already have because that’s what you end up expecting.

A natural winner does well with women because that’s all he knows. He walks the walk and talks the talk. His actions make him feel deserving of victory.

The mental image of who you *genuinely* believe yourself to be is what creates your reality.

This is why losers with massive egos fail. They don’t actually believe in themselves. Their egos are simply a fake shield.

Your Subconscious Thoughts Always Dominate Over
Positive Self-Talk

What this comes down to is frame control.

Many people assume thoughts are enough to change reality. Everything BEGINS with your thoughts, but real change is realized through ACTION.

Your emotional imprint holds more weight than you might think. It’s *identity* over *affirmations*.

Things will rarely (if ever) fall into your lap. You can tell yourself “I’m a billionaire” all day, but nothing will ever change until you fully *believe* in it.

By increasing the quality of your thoughts, you change the quality of your actions. This brings about the right results.

Change Your Thoughts -> Change Your Actions -> Change Your Reality

I’ve witnessed several losers seize their potential through proper use of this law.

To grow, you have to lose pieces of your old identity. This is painful because it feels like death. (Which it is). Many won’t be able to endure this process.

Changing your thoughts throws you into a transitional phase. You’ll be strongly tempted to go back to your old ways.

This is the plateau before your avalanche of rewards.

It Takes Lots Of Mental Strength (Discipline) To Assert An Unfamiliar Reality

Once you break through the barriers, you won’t be able to relate to your old reality. The more comfortable you get with your new reality, the more you’ll attract the right people. This helps reinforce your thoughts.

If you have doubts about yourself, you’ll get mixed results.

Always ask, “how did I end up in this position?”

To play a role, you must accept it. The cubicle drone who places “comfort” over his dreams willingly creates a lame reality. It’s what he expects for himself.

When you firmly believe you can attain more, you will.

The Stronger Your Belief In Your Fit For A Role,
The More Likely You’ll Get It

Great positions require an amount of authority sufficient to make them efficient.

-Balthasar Gracian

To fill an in-demand role (president, rapper, CEO, pro athlete) requires strong self-belief. There’s no room to slip from your trajectory.

The universe always tests your frame.

Conviction makes the haters crumble.

The honest truth is, the law of attraction is always in effect. No matter what you desire, you have to be conscious of your thoughts. The biggest roadblock is your *reluctance* to take action.

Opinions only have the power you give them.

If you live in a negative environment, it’ll be much harder to dig yourself out because that’s all you’ll be used to. To the undisciplined mind it may appear as if we’re tied to our circumstances, but the true master knows he’s NEVER a victim.

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  1. says

    This is great stuff, man. Do you have any suggestions for HOW to change your thoughts? I’ve tried meditation, fish oil, going to the gym, self-affirmations, hypnosis, etc., all with limited results. I feel like I’m on the right Path; everything is just taking a while.

    Keep writing.


    • misterinfinite says

      The best way to solidify thoughts is to take consistent action. This makes you feel more congruent with your new reality.

      Stay the course.


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