Here’s How to Start Living In Harmony With The Universe

What does it take to live in harmony with the universe?

Spirituality is a way of BEING.

To start living in harmony, you have to make peace with the source.

When the truth is digested and the shiny veneer of idealistic insanity is stripped bare, a cloud of bitterness and anger may move in to fill the void.

However, finding yourself unable to move past negative sentiments is a mark of an immature mind.

Think back to to your childhood when you found out Santa Claus wasn’t real.

Did you spend the rest of your life crying about your newfound reality?

Such realizations act as catalysts for greater awareness of a bigger picture more in touch with objectivity. All of us go through certain passages of life that serve as moments of transformation.

Today, Balance Harsh Truths With A Healthy Personal Philosophy

Spirituality doesn’t have to be religious. Objective truth can be described in many different ways. You can develop your personal philosophy however you please as long as you see maximum results.

There is an optimal means to relate to the world’s unseen patterns that will push you to where you want to be. No matter who you are or where you currently are in your life, you can change your way of being as long as you stop trying to live by principles that are out of touch with reality.

The Most Valuable Thing You Can Have Is
A Positive Realist State Of Mind

Ask yourself, have you ever seen an abrasive person do well in life?

Does such a person have beautiful women around him?

Does such a person build valuable relationships through his (non-existent) magnetic charm?

There’s a gigantic difference between detaching yourself from the ups and downs of life and needlessly focusing on negativity. Keep your mind focused on abundance. Anything else will create unnecessary “limitations” that weigh down your potential, forcing you to make decisions out of fear and anxiety.

The First Relationship You Must Make Peace With Is
The One With Yourself

Everything else arises out of the amount of self-love you have for your own life. A subject with a disordered mind wreaks chaos throughout his personal reality because he knows no other way of relating to the world.

You can’t love anyone until you love yourself.

Possessive “love” is not love, but insecurity. Emotions born out of lack and fear do not do anyone good. Many idealists paint these negative tendencies in a noble light, but fail to realize that such framing does not change the truth of the matter.

Truth is not negative or depressing. It simply IS.

Objective reality only appears dreary when you’re used to living in a fantasy world of constant good feelings. When you accept the fact no one gives a shit about you, it feels WRONG to consume your daily dose of idealist medicine. While it may taste sweet, the rational mind understands that excess consumption of sugar (bullshit) leads to diabetes (your downfall).

P.S. Still curious? Read “Letters From A Stoic” by Seneca.


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