7 Ways to Stop Worrying What People Think About You

stop caring what people think
To reach your potential, you must learn to deal with the opinions of others.

Social interaction is an arena of ideologies.

Every single person has their own unique perspective on the world, and strives to assert this form onto other people in order to make it more valid.

The opinions we possess emerge out of our experiences – In fact, our beliefs build our egos.

Living Strictly From Your Ego Makes You Incapable Of Separating Opinion From Identity

How do you know which frame is “correct”?

Understanding the nature of opinion can’t be emphasized enough. In my teenage days I willingly held myself back by bending to other peoples’ frames. As I grew, I realized that strength of opinion doesn’t always translate into truth.

There are very few perspectives that should be taken seriously because most people live monotonous routines that cause them to have limited views of the world. There are endless naysayers who speak on things they have no idea about.

When you accept a person’s opinion, you put their frame above your own. The only way to find your own truth is to experience it firsthand.

If you want to stop worrying what people think about you, follow these steps:

1. Expose Yourself To Harsh & Challenging Environments

This is what allows you to expand your comfort zone and encyclopedia of knowledge. A broad perspective (accurate map of reality) is essential if you intend to live life to the fullest.

Learning from every “mistake” destroys pieces of your old ego/world view, rebuilding you into a stronger person. Undergoing ego bruising by making yourself vulnerable to potential “failure” is one of the greatest investments you can make.

2. Realize Your Mortality/Value Of Time

Why do cancer patients focus on what really matters?

They recognize the limited nature of time.

People live on auto-pilot when they’re sheltered from the realities of life. There’s a huge difference between having “dreams” and having goals.

It’s best to live as a man who’ll be dead in 5 years – Enough wiggle room to invest in the future, with lots of focus on the NOW.

3. See Past Your Ego With Meditation

People define themselves by their egos because they use it as their primary lens of perception. Meditation allows you to see past this illusion by establishing you as a neutral observer within the limitless self.

Since the ego is only who you are in a certain moment, its conflicts can’t hurt you. Ego bruising is the death/letting go of previously held ideas and identities. With the right mindset, “mistakes” become moments of transformation, granting you personal power.

4. Understand Peoples’ Opinions Aren’t About You, They’re About Themselves

The primary relationship everyone has is the one with their inner self. If the inner world is full of chaos, the outer world will seem chaotic as well.

People project anger when they’re unsatisfied with their own lives. A person who loves his reality will spread love to everyone who he encounters.

Every frame engages you in the way it engages itself.

5. Focus On Your Personal Mission

Deep within each person’s being is a desire to make a unique contribution to the collective unconscious. Many lose sight of this inner-passion and devote themselves to living lives of comfort in order to unwind from their daily “struggles”.

It takes dedication and discipline to live the life you want.

Conscious control over your trajectory translates to personal power. Persistent effort stirs up the winds of a positive feedback vortex, pushing you higher and higher. By the time the results start trickling in, you’ll already have lost your need to please.

6. Be Self-Sufficient

When you take matters into your own hands, you deprive people of their power over you.

This approach will grant you greater freedom than you could have ever imagined.

Self-sufficiency grants you *choice* because opinions no longer influence your outcome.

7. Work Out/Exercise Often

Working out refines the form of both body and mind.

Persistent workouts strengthen your willpower and discipline.

Testosterone levels rise, making you radiate a more dominant aura.

Feeling physically strong gives your mind concrete reasons to stop second guessing yourself.

Closing Thoughts

Altering one of these variables effectively changes all the others.

It creates a positive feedback loop that dismantles false notions of limitation.

The end goal of these steps is an all-around enjoyable lifestyle that answers to nobody except for its own boss (yourself).


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  1. karmageddon says

    Love this line: “Deep within each person’s being is a desire to make a unique contribution to the collective unconscious.”

    Great blog.


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