Are You Strong Enough To Stay The Course?

stay the course
To achieve anything substantial, you must stay the course.

Taking the path less traveled will have people and situations constantly test your frame to see if you’re the real deal.

The endless possibilities available to you within uncharted territory are a double-edged sword of sorts, bringing both freedom and anxiety.

It takes less effort to be the person society wants you to be, than it is to create an exciting reality of your own.

There’s nothing substantial to be gained without taking risk, and the gambling man understands there will always be some degree of uncertainty until the chips fall into place.

The Only Way To Develop Your Ideal Lifestyle Is To
Have Faith In Yourself

Forging your own path places lots of personal responsibility onto your shoulders. The whole world wants to box you in to a subservient position, and it takes a strong frame to counter-balance all these imposing external forces. Self-doubt throws unnecessary obstacles onto your path that end up sabotaging your power.

Big picture thinking can be tough when you’re blinded by immediate low-value surroundings Getting stuck on an extended plateau will have you wonder whether you truly made the right decision.

Your Mental Strength Is Needed Most When
Facing Difficult Moments

The night is always darkest before dawn. Passion is what allows you to keep trying even when there’s no swift reward.

What this comes down to is BEING somebody.

When your frame/personality develops, you notice how your lifestyle is a reflection of your habits and character. With the proper frame, you’ll end up in your rightful place.

There’s a time lag between the actions that you take and the benefits you reap. The developing thoughts/plans you entertain today will blossom into fruition a year or two down the line as long as you stay consistent. Impatience is one of the biggest problems to overcome when there aren’t any results to be seen.

Time Is The Great Equalizer

Even the most nuclear of mental changes take a while to implement. The lifestyle you currently live was formed out of the egos of your past.

Plateaus will have you question whether or not your choices are valid. Sometimes you may wonder whether or not you actually are making progress. However, entertaining such thoughts makes you entirely too outcome dependent.

Many of the greatest achievers were once broke/low value/homeless but they didn’t let such circumstances blind them to the bigger picture.

We may never know exactly how life will pan out, but it’s in fact this uncertainty that keeps us hungry for more.


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  1. […] If people aren’t trying to ride, that’s their problem. My focus is locked on target. I will not change course if dead-weight is trying to throw me off balance. I value my own success above the need to please others. I’m savoring this journey regardless […]

  2. […] The choice has already been made. I am here in the city, and I have been homeless for the past few days. I drove down here with a suitcase of clothes, my laptop, my phone, and no place to stay. The company is feeling me out to see if I am a good fit for them, so it would have been foolish to agree to a housing situation before I left. While I could always rent a hotel, it would not be a wise move to throw my savings out the window this early in the game. The future has been looking uncertain, but I have faith in myself that I will overcome whatever the world throws at me. […]

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