Are You SECRETLY Attached To Misery?

Many people define themselves by their negative thoughts.

Everyone has the internal means to see past this illusion, yet many are unwilling to let go of their egos.

I feel as if people identify with the victim’s mentality because it allows them to feel entitled. A victim “deserves” retribution because he/she has been “wronged” in some way.

Such a mindset creates negative feedback loops, keeping its “victim” attached to misery.

Focusing On Lack Makes It All Too Easy For
Anyone To Play The Victim Card

When you shine all of your attention on the negative aspects of life, a correlating amount of misery will expand within your reality. Such thoughts cause unnecessary stress and significantly sabotage the functionality of your mind.

Even if there appears to be no hope on the horizon, you should be grateful for what you have because there are plenty of people who have even less.

Different People Possess Different Amounts Of Resources (Both Tangible And Non-Tangible)

You never know what a person had to go through to get his supposed “prizes”.

The simplest joys in life are available to anyone with the right mentality – Good food, good company, good sex, etc.

An inability to enjoy the current moment will leave you perpetually empty. A glass half empty mindset causes you to lose sight of all the wealth you actually DO have. Lack is an inseparable part of existence, but you should never emphasize this factor to the detriment of everything else.

What If You Found Out That All Your “Suffering” Was Entirely Mentally Imposed?

How would you live your life differently?

The more internally validated I’ve become, the less I care about praise or criticism. I direct my efforts wherever I feel like and leave the reception of my work up to the universe.

My life’s task is to refine the value I offer through the medium most conducive to my overall well being. Removing the false limitations from my mind by detaching myself from misery set me free as a vessel open to infinite intelligence (my true self).

Everything you will ever need has always been with you.

Value Must First Be Internally Realized Before It Can Be Physically Channeled

Negative thought patterns are the foes that keep you blind to your own resources.


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