How To Build Healthy Relationships


Perfect friendship is for those who are alike in virtue.


It’s Important To Be Independent And Self-Reliant.

At the same time it’s crucial to acknowledge that healthy relationships are essential to overall well-being.

Resources/energies flow through social connections. The people who you spend the most time with are a direct reflection of the value you offer.

Do they inspire you to build yourself up in the most encouraging way possible?

Healthy Relationships Are Mutually Beneficial
In Terms Of Value

Not all value is immediately tangible. Some people offer positive energy, while others offer unique insight. Regardless of what a person offers, you must return some benefits of your own.

Wallstreetplayboys recommend taking someone more accomplished out to lunch. In such an instance, you buy some of their valuable time in exchange for a glimpse into the workings of a successful mind.

Men Of Value Demand A General Sense Of Reciprocity
Within Their Relationships

A person who never gives back doesn’t deserve to be present within high value social markets.

Why would you ever spend time with someone who has absolutely nothing to offer you?

In terms of sexual relationships, your own life must come first before any woman. There’s a crucial difference between *wanting* to spend time with someone and *needing* to spend time with someone. If you’d like to fuck good looking women but don’t have a winning attitude, you’ll end up spending your nights with Pamela Hand-erson.

All begging and chasing does is betray low value.

It amazes me how losers throw away their most precious resources (time/money/energy) into non/barely receptive women.

Talk about a bad economic strategy.

A man with self-respect would never let himself get to that point.

Basking in high value while contributing none of your own will eventually have people recognize you as a parasite. Such personalities may make initial gains, but their sleazy nature will ultimately set them back. You can’t expect to find a mentor if no one has anything to gain from your association.

The Majority Of Value Exchanges Between Relationships Occur Below The Surface

Resources are amassed within social circles. Sometimes all it takes is a simple introduction for you to come into contact with conventionally hidden pools of wealth.

Such opportunities are all around you.

Your ability to attract such individuals depends on your own personal value and how you structure your lifestyle.

As your journey progresses, you may find that you no longer relate to loser friends of your past. Honing social intuition and your understanding of markets will have you assess your relationships far more critically.

Dead weight that’s latched onto your hull will eagerly gobble up your resources. Said variables could be channeled in a far more efficient manner.

Only hang around people you’d like to co-create realities with.

Developing Higher Value Will Raise The Value Of Your Time, Making Everyone Want A Slice

However, there’s only so much to go around.

You don’t buy out the whole aisle when you go to the store do you?

Of course not.

(I’d hope that) you invest in the better products.

The Only Person To Blame For Bad Relationships
In Your Life Is Yourself

Does a lack of self-worth stop you from demanding more?

If you have loser “friends” you probably identify with their lifestyles to a degree.

Why do you think that is?

Always Remember, Like Attracts Like

People undergo much strife chasing perceived “higher value” individuals because they want to identify with them as a mirror. Incompatible relationships never last because time reveals all. Winners quickly get annoyed by losers who pester them with their jumpiness.

People who chase those embodying higher value would be far better off investing in their own value. That’s what makes mutually beneficial connections with important contacts much more realizable.

P.S. Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.


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