Here’s How Selective Attention Brings Out The Best In You


Remember back in school when you learned how plants need light to grow?

The same concept applies to the development of your lifestyle.

Imagine your attention as a beam of light shining out from between your eyebrows. Whatever you shine this light upon expands within your reality.

The things you focus and speak on reveal a lot about your character.

You create experiences with attention.

You’re the architect of your situations.

But there’s more.

Selective Attention Affects Your Awareness

Shining the light of your attention into certain arenas allows metaphysical organisms of talent and skill to develop.

For instance, if you want to develop your game you’ll have to invest a corresponding amount of time and effort into that arena. The higher the initial quality of your channeled attention (i.e. aloof/outcome-independent/self-amused), the faster your results trickle in.

Women need acknowledgement as much as they need oxygen, and a man of value understands this fact. Lower-value attention serves as a steady reserve while women prowl for winners.

When the value of your attention is sky-high, your social landscape appears to be very fertile. Such energy acts as a powerful beacon that attracts opportunities in droves.

Both men and women enjoy the presence/attention of winners.

The Pillars Of Your Reality
Need Attention To Sustain Themselves

You’re familiar with visualization, aren’t you?

Well, the same exercise works with both positive and negative experiences.

Focusing on the negative side of life invites more negative experiences into your reality.

If you have a negative reality, you could just as well direct your attention elsewhere and start building new pillars. A lower value reality crumbles away when you *consistently* focus upon more lucrative soil.

Why would you ever waste precious time hating on things that don’t concern you?

This energy could be used in a more positive manner. The resources wasted on irrelevancies sap juice from your potential.

Nothing’s set in stone.

(Attention + Time + Effort = Creation)

Your life is constantly unfolding. It’s like an endless block of play-dough molding itself with the hands of time.

Attention Carves The Details Of Your Lifestyle

Losers have depressing lifestyles because they direct their focus into escapist outlets. The blowback of hedonism emerges as a lack of well-being. It sucks your energy dry.

If no attention is ever shined upon your fitness, finances, social skills, or personal knowledge, then no trees of value will ever grow in such realms.

What do you shine YOUR attention upon?

What’s prominent within YOUR reality?

You may be living your life subconsciously without realizing just how much influence you have over developing your own personal value.

Be Mindful Of Your Mental Resources

I used to direct my attention into situations with lethargy and reluctance.

Such an attitude created a lifestyle that lacked a significant amount of zest. Abundance was alien to me because I focused on the empty part of the cup “half” full. I wanted to live my life differently, but didn’t know that my faulty mental outlook was the culprit.

Only you can discover the potential power of your own attention.

You have to be selective about where you direct it.

We Live In An Attention Economy

In this age of instant gratification, shiny objects clamor for your attention more so than ever before. Whether it’s clickbait headlines, sleek luxury goods, jaw-dropping special effects, or a person dripping with value, every “commodity” in life tries its best to be acknowledged.

What’s out of sight is out of mind.

Companies have great success advertising on social media websites because they place themselves within concentrated streams of attention. Social media services are free because you’re willingly giving them a valuable commodity.

Imagine what would happen if you could somehow gather this lost power? (hint hint)

Bland Commodities Are Ignored By Valuable Ones
Because They’re On Different Wavelengths

Good looking women genuinely don’t see loseres for the most part because their focus gravitates towards shinier objects. A loser in the sexual market acts obnoxiously because he has no other way of being acknowledged.

Winners are noticed through their vibe, and don’t even have to say anything to make their presence known.

In this era of hyper-stimulation, it’s crucial for you to maximize the shine of your own personal product.

When You INCREASE The Value of Your Focus,
You Increase The Value of Your Attention

How can you do so?

By INVESTING it well.

The various wealth you create with your focus stays with you. It’s broadcast throughout your internal monologue. The subjective social reality you experience is held up by the personal pillars you’ve developed.

This is why I stress the importance of meditation in developing your focus. The lack thereof is one of the biggest impediments to success.

When you concentrate on one thing for a long period of time (the nothingness within your own mind), you reclaim ownership over your attention.

This allows you to channel it with greater intention so as to get the results you truly desire.

Do you direct your attention mindlessly or purposefully?


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  1. […] I think that people make excuses because they are afraid of success. Failure can be comforting because change is inherently uncomfortable. It can be intensely overwhelming when all your dreams start to come true. Sometimes, you will find that the lifestyle you envisioned isn’t for you. If that is the case, divert your progress and attention into other mediums. Success comes naturally when you are completely dedicated to (or obsessed with) your pursuits. The morbidly obese couch potato is just as dedicated to his lifestyle as the successful entrepreneur. The big difference is where they direct their effort. […]

  2. […] A low quality of life stems from the inability to turn goals into reality. There are copious low-value narcissists who try to compensate, yet clearly have nothing going on with themselves. We all want to have great lives filled with success but not everyone will be able to persistently sidestep the irrelevancies vying for attention. People with low-quality consciousnesses turn into haters because they need to project their overflowing self-frustration. Never lose sight of the limited nature of your own attention. You can either shine it upon positive or negative energies. Regardless of what you focus on, the manifested results never lie. […]

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