9 Ways To Attain A Higher Consciousness

quality of your consciousness
What are the benefits to a higher consciousness?

Quality of consciousness determines quality of life.

Thoughts create reactions and perspectives.

Experiences are drawn to you based on resonance.

But there’s more.

If Your Quality Of Life Is Low,
The Problem Lies With Your Quality Of Thought

Out of the infinite combinations of possible outcomes, your experience is formed with the limited nature of attention and time. These unseen variables are the factors that exchange information between your thoughts (inner-universe), and surroundings (outer-universe).

It was a major turning point within my own life when I realized I had a choice in regulating my thoughts. My mental map has since drastically improved.

Too many people live their lives on auto-pilot and are unaware of their potential. They take whatever the universe throws their way.

Wouldn’t it be so much more exciting and engaging if you became an actual participant of LIFE instead?

Keep in mind, the person who you ARE is what gives you your results. If you want to change something about your life then you have to change your approach.

Quality thoughts are free from doubts, fears, and insecurities.

As you’ve realized, once you master your mind you master your reality. The process of developing effective thinking demands devotion. Thoughts need *repetition* in order to strengthen.

All Lifestyles Result Out Of Prolonged Attention
(Either Conscious Or Unconscious)

We gravitate towards what we most strongly identify with, and this process is very organic. You can find out a lot about your thoughts simply by observing your own day-to-day actions.

  • What do you value?
  • What do you prioritize?
  • Who do you spend time with?

All these questions determine your overall quality of mind. The very fact you’re drawn to self-improvement means you’re seeking development a.k.a. on the right path.

The world is a spectrum of energies containing a range of high and low qualities. Wherever you find yourself is where your thoughts have led you. The frequencies you inhabit are a physical mirror to your mental map. Peering below the surface shows you the network of endless and ongoing value exchanges.

A Higher Consciousness Is Refined Through
Active Investment

It’s entirely ON YOU to take responsibility for the quality of energy you create within your own mind.

Different people have different goals, so I define quality of mind as the ability to consciously build a better life.

Here’s how you can improve your mind:

1. Travel

Environments have a strong impact on your outlook because energy is infectious. Closed-minded preconceptions are the kiss of death to self-actualization.

You can’t deny life’s possibilities when you’ve personally experienced many different social realities.

This is why travel is so crucial in destroying mental “limitations”.

Your mental roadmap is fleshed out according to the depth of your experiences. The more of the physical world you uncover, the more you discover about your own mind.

  • Note: Travel in and of itself doesn’t expand your consciousness. A closed-minded person who travels is still a closed-minded person. The real “magic” occurs in breaking your sense of normalcy – giving you opportunity for growth.

2. Meditation

By letting go of bad vibrations through detachment, you find a significantly reduced amount of fear within your world. Such an outlook allows you to pursue your interests with far less reservations.

It really quite amazing how open the road is when all your mental hurdles have been cleared away.

Observing limiting beliefs as separate from your being does wonders for inner-game. Meditation wipes away all the negative dirt that accumulates around your ego.

3. Positive Thinking

Love is the highest vibration, while fear is the lowest.

What does this tell you about your mindset and what you’re attracting into your life?

The seed of one polarity is always within the other, and your focus determines what you see in a given situation.

Is it disaster or opportunity?

Positivity is important even if it borders on the delusional because it minimizes wasted potential. Crying over spilled milk (sunk costs) does nothing to rectify a blunder.

4. Engaging In Meaningful Work

It never hurts to have a purpose in life. Living in harmony with your mission is one of the greatest satisfactions you can experience.

Is it necessary to work a job that destroys your well-being?

A frustrated mind is a less effective mind. Your intuition always tells you to avoid the wrong decisions.

Work is such a crucial component of life that you do yourself a gigantic disservice by reducing it to a mere paycheck.

Meaningful creation is deeply rewarding.

5. Eating Healthy

You are what you eat.

Consuming GMOs and other assorted junk greatly contributes to brain fog, slowing down your mental efficiency. If you can’t properly focus on your mission, you won’t be able to get the desired results. The quality of nutrients fueling your mind directly impact your functionality.

6. Working Out

The body affects the mind.

The discipline learned from working out (c’mon you pussy!! Five more reps!!) spills over into other aspects of your life.

Pushing yourself physically causes you to push yourself mentally due to the mind-body dichotomy. A stronger mind makes you tremendously more productive because it’s effective at keeping the forces of entropy at bay.

7. Trying New Things (Breaking Homeostasis)

As your comfort zone expands, some of the experiences that contributed to your growth will outlive their usefulness. Every level of consciousness is tuned into a different array of possible growth opportunities.

The only way to truly evolve is to have a wide array of experiences (both successes and failures) under your belt.

The more you take high-value action, the more your state of mind will adapt to your high-value lifestyle. Trying new things is the only real way to reset your definition of “normal”.

8. Regular Reading

Reading a book is the equivalent of stepping into the author’s point of view. Consuming a wide range of material allows you to see the biggest picture possible.

As time goes on, all the elements of your acquired knowledge begin to blend together to form a new whole. Understanding many different perspectives ensures that no single one has a monopoly of power over your mind.

Books shorten the learning process because they contain a high density of rich information in a compact format.

9. Spending Time In A Loving Environment

Every person who you spend a significant amount of time with contributes some of their overall energy to your own.

It’s of vital importance for you to hang around those who love and encourage you instead of those that tear you down (no matter how subtle) because that’s how your self-belief strengthens.

If everyone around you cares about your well-being, your mind will have less room to start second guessing itself and more room to develop quality ideas.

However, this doesn’t mean you should surround yourself with sycophants. Positive peer pressure is a crucial ingredient in your self-development.

There’s a huge difference between honest criticism and hate.

Closing Thoughts:

A low quality of life stems from the inability to turn goals into reality. There are lots of arrogant losers who try to compensate, yet clearly have nothing going on with themselves.

We all want to have great lives filled with success but not everyone will be able to persistently sidestep the irrelevancies crying for attention. People with low consciousnesses turn into haters because they need to project their overflowing frustration.

Never lose sight of the limited nature of your own attention. You can either shine it upon assets or liabilities. Regardless of what you focus on, the results never lie.

What will you allow to dominate within your reality?

What’s most real to you?

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Relevant Reading:Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness” by David Hawkins.


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    • mister_infinite says

      Nothing specific really.. just simple re-framing that aims to align my mind with abundant frequencies. Affirmations are useless if they are not believed on an emotional level.

  1. says

    Man, I was re-reading this post and it really clicked with me. Perhaps I just wasn’t ready for it when I initially read it two months ago.

    Two of my personal favorite lines:

    “Thoughts need REPETITION in order to strengthen.”


    “All lifestyles result out of prolonged attention (either conscious or unconscious).”

    I also really get what you mean about the loving environment. I don’t want to post a sob story, but I spend a lot of time with many different people, and the difference between loving environments and unloving environments is as stark as day and night.

    Keep writing. This blog is a goldmine.


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