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Men do not attract that which they WANT, but that which they ARE.

-James Allen

Have you ever met a person who attracts various forms of wealth with ease?

Such an individual has attained a high quality of consciousness either though accident or active investment. Either way, all the external representations of abundance are not possible without first existing as ideas.

  • How do you view sex?
  • How do you view work?
  • How do you view health?
  • How do you view money?

There’s a gigantic difference between understanding a philosophy and implementing it. You may identify with the abundant mentality, yet find yourself unable to let go of past preconceptions.

What’s there to fear?

Abundance Can Only Be Realized If You
Actually *Believe* In It

The universe exists as a massive bandwidth of frequencies and our thoughts tune us in to certain corresponding realities within this field. We always end up with the physical equivalent of however we subconsciously regard ourselves.

If you understand abundance but don’t make decisions with abundance in mind, you’ll be unable to attain your desires.

You’re a part of an infinite reservoir of wealth that’s inseparable from your being. The only thing holding you back is the reality tunnel you’ve tuned into – So go ahead and change the channel to something more enjoyable.

All realities result out of self-regard.

Many people are unaware that they have the ability to navigate to a different area of the energy field…

Sometimes people get stuck on a particular frequency because they can’t comprehend anything else. Losers may desire women, yet have no idea how to switch up their approach.

Every Single Person Has The Power To Tune Into
Any Reality

Life comes down to how you regard yourself and what you believe in.

Authenticity can’t be denied. A low value reality tunnel/life experience is created with a low value mentality.

I’ve understood the importance of thinking abundantly for a while, but didn’t realize that I wasn’t actually LIVING an abundant lifestyle.

The problem was that I was still carrying remnants of former “limitation” that caused me to doubt my abilities… I was clinging to the safety of my comfort zone because I was attached to my identity.

The only way to attain your desires is to align yourself with infinite intelligence. Your body is a vessel that exchanges information among the inner and outer universes.

Your Mind Channels Resources From The Source With The Powers Of Attention And Time

A person’s character/personality is the gateway between the physical and the non-physical. Synchronicities occur when the external resonates with the internal.

Since you can’t escape the power of thought, you might as well take control of your reality.

What will you allow to become more prominent within your awareness?

I see nothing except for wealth and opportunity. I’m grateful for the universe and the never-ending flow of abundance it allows me to enjoy. My identity has been sculpted to optimally channel my astral world.

Insecurities limit your capacity to build a high-value reality.

It’s entirely your personal duty to enact maintenance on your metaphysical gateway.


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