How To Find Your Perfect Life Purpose


Without purpose, your days will end in disintegration.

-Admiral Byrd

Every life purpose is unique.

We all have different ways of relating to the world and this essence becomes apparent through our individual styles.

Even when people work within similar fields, every path will only manage to explore a *subset* of the infinite reservoir of possibilities.

No Trajectory Will Ever Be Entirely Duplicated

You are the amalgam of all your experiences, which combine to form a distinctive entity. Each person has a particular way of relating to the world (focus) that gravitates towards certain arenas.

What will the mix of influences within the blender of your life produce?

Awakening to your LIFE PURPOSE is a side effect of following your personal curiosity.

Finding Your Life Purpose Requires Passion

Why would you ever care about peoples’ opinions when you genuinely try to unravel the possibilities of existence?

Have you ever been fascinated by something to the point where you spend every waking moment decyphering its elements? The potential discoveries are endless because the universe is inexhaustible. Any topic can be analyzed into infinity.

  • There are books about books…
  • There are theories about theories…
  • There is language about language…

Every Life Mission Is Deeply Personal

What resonates most?

What do you vibe with?

Focusing on style is less important than focusing on the work itself.

You won’t even know what your style is until you throw yourself into an arena.

Refining your style through active action establishes a sense of rhythm essential for well-being.

With Time, You May Find Another Arena
More Conducive To Your Talents

My own journey has switched course numerous times as I have evolved.

It can be pretty amazing to look back at what your path has forged.

Advancements within the physical realm (emerging technology/inventions, chiseled body, realized wealth, etc.) are the result of internal progress.

Feedback And Repetition Build Confidence

Extensive time within a particular skillset allows you to flesh out your mental map, making you increasingly sure of your abilities. This makes you more likely to take greater risks so as to explore the fringes of your expanded comfort zone.

Persistent investment into a particular arena raises the chances to uncover something truly remarkable.

Boredom is nature pushing you towards the unknown.

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