How To Realize Your Actualized Self

actualized self

The way of learning is nothing other than seeking the lost mind.


The infinite possibilities of subjective realities are really quite remarkable. Your ideal reality already exists – even if you don’t currently inhabit its particular frequencies.

All the different types of lifestyles are out there waiting for you. Some overlap, others stand opposed, but all are one.

Every single reality tunnel offers a unique array of experiences that allows your consciousness to EXPAND and GROW.

Life is a rediscovery of what you already know

Work is simply the means to realize that fact.

Your base of consciousness will always stay the same no matter what goals you may accomplish.

“Spiritual growth” is a re-configuration of how you relate to the world. A “peeling back of layers” if you will.

To realize your actualized self, you must TAKE ACTION congruent with such a lifestyle/identity

A philanthropist billionaire could have potentially been a vagabond heroin junkie, yet this alternative reality never took root because he didn’t direct his focus into such an “arena”.

The outcome most dominant within the mind is the one more likely to manifest. Sometimes a person may face tremendous external setbacks, but in the end everything finds its equilibrium around your quality of thoughts.

Your actualized self has been present within you for years

All you have to do is slip into that role.

The nature of entropy/evolution keeps reality malleable, although the ego will inevitably fight your attempted changes.

It takes persistence to break through stubborn mental barriers.

Sometimes it may require multiple eye-opening experiences for you to realize just how false your pre-conceptions/limitations are.

It can be frightening to assume your desired role
even when facing an open road

It seems as if people make excuses because they’re afraid of RESULTS. They don’t feel worthy of success, so their minds push them into inferior roles that match their low value identities.

You may not realize it, but there are golden opportunities around you AT ALL TIMES.

Capitalizing on this wealth simply comes down to realizing your own internal worth.


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