Develop An Abundance Mindset! 43 Daily Positive Affirmations

Here are some daily positive affirmations to help align your mind with abundance:

1. I am infinite love

2. I am grateful for the vast amount of wealth that endlessly flows through me

3. I appreciate all of the experiences I have had (good and bad) because they enabled me to become the man I am today

4. All of my relationships (personal and professional) are mutually beneficial in terms of value

5. I always strive to ADD VALUE to every situation

6. The love I express through my actions finds its way back to me in the form of well-being

7. I am grateful for the passion the universe has bestowed me with

8. I have everything I need and want

9. Focusing on my own growth allows those I come into contact with to do the same

10. I intend to contribute to the collective consciousness in a positive manner

11. By distancing myself from those who have wronged me, I forgive them

12. I do not hate that which I do not understand

13. I am blessed and so is everyone else

14. I am thankful for the daily opportunities presented before me

15. Life has been great to me

16. I understand fear is illusory

17. When I stay true to my inner-value, I let my purpose unfold

18. Although I may encounter moments of weakness, I recognize the good can’t exist without the bad

19. I am grateful for those who have influenced me

20. I work towards my goals without shame

21. My destination is vivid

22. The process is enjoyable

24. I do not hate those who live differently than I do

25. I appreciate the knowledge I possess and how it enables me to live

26. Women love me and men want to be me

27. I attract positive people who intend to move forward and build

28. I have the tools within me to accomplish anything I set my mind on

29. Encountering a setback does not mean I am fundamentally defective

30. My time is valuable

31. I love all versions of myself: past, present, and future

32. My self-respect does not let me accept mistreatment from others under any circumstance

33. I will have all the experiences I need to have

34. It is ok that not everyone will understand my vision or lifestyle

35. I am in control of my life

36. I am grateful for my health

37. I am grateful for my freedom

38. I hope that everyone finds actualization of their own accord

39. I put forth my best effort every single day

40. I already am THAT PERSON

41. Success is effortless

42. Every night I go to sleep a wiser man

43. I welcome everything that is to come


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