Body And Mind: The Article That Will Change How You Look At Yourself

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What’s the connection between body and mind?

Is value first discovered on the inside, or is it realized through external feedback?

I believe it’s a mix of both.

The mind influences the body, which expresses itself accordingly. At the same time, your physical reality mirrors your quality of consciousness.

Your Body And Mind Interact As A Feedback Loop

Altering your body language alters your mindset. Altering your mindset alters your body language.

You can change your thought patterns, and you can change your environmental influences. Everything adds up to form your subjective reality tunnel. As your discipline strengthens in one area of life, it tends to spill into the others. It’s fascinating how true knowledge applies to all the things you do.

Working out and reading books go hand in hand for a winner.

When I first started working out, I found myself gravitating towards starting my own business and fucking higher quality girls. Taking higher value action molded my mind into making higher value decisions. At the same time, forcing myself to think with a higher value mindset (fake it til you make it) caused me to take higher value actions.

You can’t have one without the other.

The smallest victories grease the wheels of momentum. Deflecting low value temptations leads to increased self-respect, which helps you make better choices.

We tend to follow the examples we set for ourselves.

When you start your morning off with high value decisions, it feels more natural to keep the flow going for the rest of the day.

It’s time to hit some weights… My mind is clear so I can focus on my work… I put good habits over bad habits because I value myself… etc.

Habit Is The Rhythm Resulting From The
Interaction Of Body And Mind

The nature of habit is a beautiful thing when aligned with high value, and a ruthless torturer when aligned with low value. It’s in your own best interest to work with this force of nature.

It doesn’t matter what your current quality of mind is or what it was in the past – There’s no reality you’re a permanent inhabitant of because your habits and lifestyle can change.


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