Notes From The Astral Plane: The Benefits Of Meditation

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

Quietening the ego component of the mind allows you to explore the infinite storehouse of possibilities with zero reservations.

Meditation sessions grow increasingly more intense if you practice regularly.

The visuals experienced become strikingly pronounced.

You’ll notice a significant uptick in your overall well-being as your technique improves.

Ideas Spring Forth Effortlessly When You Tend To The Soil Of Your Mind’s Garden

During my last session, I aligned myself with feelings of wealth and prosperity. I saw my astral body comprised as a computerized wireframe floating through the void.

There was a wheel of energy spinning around my core.

Metaphysical units of currency were endlessly getting sucked into this system as if it were a magnet. After the money made its rounds, it was expelled through the top of my head; dispersing itself back the way it came.

I did not force this image to appear – it came about naturally.

In order for cash/energy flows to be healthy, they must keep circulating. Hoarding your resources (metaphysical and physical) aligns you with SCARCITY. This damages your system and invites more of the same.

Releasing your wealth through proper investment is necessary for the maintenance/creation of an ABUNDANT lifestyle. If things are to flow TOWARDS you, they must also flow AWAY from time to time.

Give and take.

How do you feel about your own energy system?

Are you confident enough to risk your resources in a healthy way?

Greater wealth will never flourish until you make greater investments. The goal is not to strictly accumulate – You must GIVE BACK if you intend to prosper. It’s your personal duty to maximize the efficacy of your system.

Movement is good and beneficial – It cleans the pipes so to speak.

Your Mind Has The Power To Purge All Blockages

Mental limitations set dams on the various energy flows moving throughout your body.

You can remove these entities at any time – Doing so will let your system function much more freely.

Practicing daily meditation will SIGNIFICANTLY alter your perspective within a short period of time.

How do you feel about yourself RIGHT NOW?


Meditate on these emotions without engaging on the thoughts that may arise.


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  1. finndistan says

    I’ve seriously started meditation some months ago. Initially it was only possible for ten seconds or so…
    Slowly it got easier and easier, longer and longer. sometimes these meditations ended up in me seeing my demons; but I persevered.

    Have not yet reached the point you are talking about, but, with perseverance and discipline, the point i reached is that now i can close my eyes, and gt a levitation feeling after ten twenty breaths, and then the mind drifts like a balloon in the air.

    In all my six years of middle and high school, no knowledge has been as important as the knowledge that meditation is helpful.

    The calmness I get, the silence I drift into, returns to me as a creative energy, as a procrastination prevention, and overall better life.

    The only thing I changed is my attitude, and spending time in silence.

    • mister_infinite says

      The power of the mind is truly remarkable. Keeping it organized with discipline will allow you to achieve more than you could have ever hoped for. The feeling of peace you describe has proven extremely beneficial within my own life.


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