Revealed: How To Attain The Abundance Mentality Right This Second!

How can you attain the abundance mentality?

When I first realized the importance of thinking abundantly, I projected my visualizations into a distant future.

I thought to myself,

Maybe everything I’ve been entertaining within my mind will bring me abundance one day…

What I failed to realize was that there was abundance around me at that very moment. My thoughts had kept me blind to it because I was thinking purely in terms of the future.

Success seemed far-off and alien.

It was a self-imposed limiting belief causing procrastination and attracting scarcity.

When The Abundance Mentality Exists Within Your Mind As *Future Tense*, It Stays Out Of Reach

A simple way to realize abundance right now is to be grateful for the blessings you already have.

  • I’m grateful for my life
  • I’m grateful for my friendships
  • I’m grateful for the food on my table
  • I’m grateful for the roof over my head
  • I’m grateful for my money and what it allows me to do

Now that’s true wealth.

Immediate poverty of luxury can cause you to lose sight of your actual standing. If you don’t feel rich with the bare essentials, you’ll never feel rich even with the fulfillment of all your wildest material desires. There’s nothing stopping you from enjoying abundance in this very moment besides *yourself*.

What Do You See In Your Environment Right Now?

It’s crazy how a shift in mental attitude can completely transform your interpretation of the external world.

*This moment* is all there will ever be.

The outlook you’d like to have can be realized right now.

When you don’t feel worthy of a certain role and put it off until another day, you willingly hold yourself back. It’s entirely your own responsibility to assume the desired part you’d like to play.

Nobody can create your lifestyle besides yourself – and that creation is taking place right this second.

P.S. If you’d like to learn more, check out the phenomenal book, “The Science of Getting Rich” (Amazon) by William Wattles. It contains lots of fantastic information about the abundance mentality.


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  1. Mojambo says

    love the blog, been reading it for a couple months now. i wanna suggest a book for you to check out…it’s called The Obstacle is the Way. it literally hit stores last week. i had a chance to skim through it and i definitely think its worth a look.

    keep up the good work!


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