How To See The Big Picture In Life

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How to see the big picture in life?

The ability to see beyond your world is an important lens to develop.

Too many people get caught up in their daily problems and lose sight of what really matters in life. The minor everyday tasks we have to handle don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Next time you’re worried about something within your life – take a step back.

  • Will this “problem” be on your mind one month from now?
  • One year from now?
  • One decade from now?

Looking at things from a BIG PICTURE perspective will have you see them for what they are…

All part of a larger *process*.

Such an outlook eases anxiety because it makes you realize most things won’t be the death of you. Re-framing annoyances saves valuable energy and peace of mind.

Your Daily Life Is Part Of Your Overall Trajectory

As you look down from way up high, what do you see growing within the garden of your life?

Where have you directed your focus and attention?

The macro works in tandem with the micro to create your lifestyle. You can’t accomplish larger goals without the build-up of smaller ones, and small goals are meaningless if they aren’t used to compound value.

Focus On The Big Picture Without Taking Small Action = FANTASIZING

Getting lost within this vision creates cognitive dissonance and ego bruising when reality does not correspond. Big picture thinking shouldn’t cause you to lose sight of the immediate action you actually CAN take.

  • What is the end result you’d like to have?
  • How can you break this goal into smaller workable ones?
  • How can you turn these micro goals into a lifestyle?

The impatience you may encounter while working towards this vision can be dissolved with big picture thinking. The quality of your end result is a direct reflection of your average daily investment.

Quality in the long term isn’t possible without consistent quality in the short term. Realizing the implications of this strategy may require you to re-arrange your daily routine if you truly intend to experience a higher quality of life.

You get what you put in.


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