How To Be Motivated – Get Out Of Your Rut And Into the Fast Lane

Getting paid to do what you love will not magically smooth out your trajectory.

External rewards can actually lower your motivation because the task at hand gets seen as a burden.

This outlook replaces enthusiasm with drudgery.

How To Be Motivated?

It’s best to focus on *excellence* over “fun”.

Regardless of the path you choose, there’ll always be some sort of daily grind. Plateaus are an inevitable part of the process.

You always hear the same clichés:

  • Follow your passion!
  • Be your own boss!
  • Live your dream!

The truth is, doing what you love doesn’t automatically bring home the bacon. Even if you’re working in a profitable field, it takes *time* and *quality work* to truly add value to other peoples’ lives. In the real world, no one gets a trophy simply for showing up.

The better way to find motivation is to follow your highest-value inclinations.

What are the tasks at the forefront of your mind?

What intrigues you to the point of OBSESSION?

Your interests and overall identity result in a type of lifestyle conducive to producing a certain brand of value. It shouldn’t be a struggle to find motivation when you play the exact role that suits your particular skillset.

Motivation springs up naturally when *excitement* accompanies a goal.

It’s a GIANT RED FLAG that you need to change something if you have to fight yourself to get out of bed every single day. Sometimes you may run low on ideas for a project, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon it altogether.

Inspiration And Motivation Are Two Separate Things

This is where reading and socialization come in handy.

The value of exposing yourself to high quality concepts and ideas is that they produce food for thought.

Living a monotonous routine limits such input.

The more active your daily life, the more you let new influences circulate. A failure to take healthy risk gives you nothing back. Your level of overall motivation is an extension of your inner-will.

Motivation arises organically when you keep your life force in motion.

If you aren’t motivated to achieve your goals, then you simply don’t want them bad enough.

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