The Freeze Out Plan – A Killer Fix For Disrespect


The more selective you are about where you direct your attention, the more valuable it becomes.

It takes discipline to ignore those who try to make you lose your cool. If a hater gets you riled up, that means you’ve acknowledged and accepted his frame.

It’s easy to respond to the petty taunts of naysayers, but what does that truly accomplish?

All it does is make you lose peace of mind.

A Freeze Out Is When You Ignore Someone
Who Tries To Upset You

Even if you aren’t currently aware of your own potential value, freezing people out will significantly raise your self-respect. It sends a powerful message both to your own mind and to the ones who test you.

The length of a freeze-out should depend on the severity of the violator’s infraction. Sometimes you have to freeze people out for weeks, other times FOR LIFE.

Summoning the discipline necessary to enforce your boundaries is the mark of a high-value man. Regardless of the backup options that you actually DO have, it’s more important to stay true to yourself than it is to accept mistreatment from ANYONE.

I’ve seen people accept disrespect from dominant scumbags/broken women just because they derive some benefits from hanging around stronger frames. Such individuals believe that their own realities won’t get them what they want out of life.

The ironic thing is, allowing others to mistreat you creates a negative feedback loop. The perceived advantages of associating with toxic people only makes sense if you regard yourself as a loser.

A willingness to rely on your own self-sufficiency makes you de facto higher value.

Winners Do What They Want, Losers Do What They Can

Never lose sight that the opposite of love is indifference. This applies to both men and women. The most powerful thing you can do is ignore those unworthy of your presence.

Losing your cool shines the “valuable” spotlight of your attention onto the haters – effectively giving them a stage/outlet for their negativity.

That’s all they really want anyway – to be acknowledged.

Respect those who respect you and disregard the rest.

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  1. Exuberant Auditor says

    Exactly. Shunning is such a powerful tool, especially in a civilized society. Even the most powerful and dominant men need people to want to be around them and not shun them so that they have someone to be dominant around. The threat of shunning is a reminder to those people that higher power or domination shouldn’t be used to gratuitously bully or disrespect other or else they’ll be left with only air to talk smack to.


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