What Is Normal? – Here’s How Your Perception Affects Your Future

sense of normalcy
What is normal to you?

How does this affect your actions/future?

What can you do to increase the strength of your frame?

This post will go over all these questions and more.

Let me explain.

What Is Normal? – The Question To Help
Build A Stronger Frame

As you know, building a stronger frame is about re-setting your perception of “normal”.

It’s easier to be unreactive when you’re desensitized to the ordinary.

This is accomplished through the active expansion of your comfort zone. Lower-value frames (losers) get jumpy in the presence of higher-value ones (winners) because they lack experience.

All game aims to accomplish is the expression of a high-value attitude.

The older you get, the more naturally you’ll convey a genuine stoic vibe. This is because you have a larger array of experiences to draw from. Things that used to faze you in the past won’t affect you on an emotional level. The tides of time remove novelty with continual exposure to repetitive stimuli.

A Higher Equilibrium Within Your Reality Is Created
When You Consistently Attract Great Things In Life

I remember how exciting it was as a teenager/young adult to play drinking games and get wild at parties. These days, I’m no longer much intrigued by such things because I’ve largely gotten them out of system. It’s much more stimulating to read books and socialize in a manner that aims to compound value.

The partying lifestyle can definitely strengthen your social skills, but it’s ultimately a dead-end road.

As we go through life, we encounter various landmark experiences that serve to close the door on prior chapters. Certain moments may wake us up to new possibilities and the error of old ways.

What Used To Serve A Benefit In The Past May Eventually Outgrow Its Usefulness

Every situation is a unique stepping stone, although similar opportunities generally show themselves with time. People and places that serve in your development are often unconsciously left behind when they cease to stimulate.

All realities (high and low value) seek eventual change because STAGNATION IS DEATH.


(The fluidity of normalcy)

Your Comfort Zone Is A Function Of How Much
Novelty You Seek

Some people require extreme amounts of sensory input, while others require next to none. A professional athlete is capable of greater physical performance than the average person because he has expanded his perspective of “normal”.

This perception applies to every different realm of life (sex, money, socialization, etc.).

No matter what a person’s respective frame may be, everyone approaches life in a way most familiar to them.

We tend to feel out of place among those who have radically different comfort zones/views of normalcy. Personally, hanging around those who limit their perspectives/life experiences makes me restless. It’s much more exciting to vibe within the presence of inspiring sources.

When you consistently seek new possibilities for utilizing your potential, you gradually end up within a reality more closely resembling your ideal.

Self-Actualization Is A Mindset

There’s no ultimate cutoff point between periods of life. Everything is just a constant unfolding. After a certain point you could be considered “mature” or “knowledgeable”, although the growth never truly ends.

The same childhood curiosity that taught you how to ride a bike is the force you channel into your work/projects.

The process never really changes – but your surroundings do.


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