How Obsession Contributes To Success

Any individual or group that accomplished something significant was completely obsessed with the idea of it.

-Grant Cardone

Passion. Compulsion. Fixation. Enthusiasm.

All euphemisms for a strong intensity of inner-will.

Is this particular energy inherently responsible for your success in life?

I believe so.

The importance of obsession is that it reflects the genuine interests of one’s true self. The things that we gravitate towards on a regular basis resonate the strongest with who we are. If you dissect your personal obsession, you can discover what you value and what you are willing to invest to obtain it.

Individuals generously compensated for high-stress occupations may not particularly like their work, but they do value their fat paychecks. On the flip side, other people may value lower-stress lifestyles over a greater fixed income.

Obsession contributes to success because it helps you power through the inevitable drudgery of the grind.

If your current “obsession” or strength of will isn’t getting you what you want out of life, that means that your focus isn’t strong enough. You may find yourself “stuck” in a less than ideal position because it serves unconscious needs…

Never forget that inconsistent thoughts lead to correlating externalities.

The idea of self-improvement always sounds good on paper, but do you actually have the inner ferocity to put the philosophy to the test? It goes to show that you truly are content with your current spot if you aren’t taking action to change your lifestyle.

Some people are inclined to develop higher value… others are not…

Not everyone wants to be a winner.

It really doesn’t matter how anyone else seeks to exchange their respective variables of time and attention. Each person lives in a way that aims to suit his own particular obsession/needs. You are much better off tending to your own reality instead of wasting valuable time attempting to convert people to your way of life.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day… and we all have the ability to increase the value of our focus. You have every right to use your own variables however you choose.

Your obsession has been normalized within your reality. It is a major component of the lens through which you examine your experiences here on earth. If your inner-will isn’t especially strong, your results will be lackluster.

Disregarding your natural obsession throws away one of your greatest assets. Forcing yourself into a dull lifestyle for the sake of meeting other peoples’ standards gives you just that… You “sold your soul” because you stopped living in harmony with it.


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