How The Law of Attraction Applies To Game

Unchangeable law of nature: Feminine energy submits to masculine energy.

I’ve been trying to reconcile the law of attraction regarding game for a while now, and within the past few months it all started making sense to me.

It was hard to conciliate the archetype of the supreme cocky alpha “douchebag” with the positivity advocated from the abundance mindset.

I thought to myself that there must be some type of way to frame both of these concepts into one coherent model. The website Danger and Play gave me a lot of food for thought in terms of developing an authentic core.

As conventional game has evolved past cheesy gimmicks into the genuine expression of primal intensity, it’s important for you to recognize what kind of vibe you project.

No Matter What Your Ego May Say About You,
Your Results Never Lie

Narcissist losers such as Elliot Rogers (the UCSB spree shooter) view themselves in a grandiose manner yet project needy and awkward social energies. It goes to show that your ego (way of relating to the world) has to be congruent with your strength of will in order for you to live abundantly.

Cucks pride themselves on being self-sacrificing/chivalrous gentlemen (read: doormat), but their true energies are desperate and pedestalizing. They lack the masculine energy to attract hotter girls, so they settle for those willing to put up with their sackless existences.

It doesn’t matter how a loser rationalizes his low value – it always shines through regardless how big his ego expands to compensate.

Lower Value Orbits Higher Value
(Whether Male Or Female)

  • Cucks attract domineering bitches because their polarities are reversed.
  • Self-assured men with a high quality/value of inner-will (solid game) attract beautiful and feminine women.

The more masculine traits a woman possesses, the more dominant a man must be for her to get aroused (submit to his frame). Ironically for her, the most alpha of men (who have their pick of the litter) choose more feminine women.

This is why losers end up with one another – Their unattractive mentalities attract similar people. A man with options wouldn’t waste a single second of his time on a woman who disrespects his leadership, and a beautiful woman wouldn’t risk getting impregnated by a spineless pussy.

What all of this comes down to is what Arthur Schopenhauer calls the WILL (life force). This will realizes itself as certain tendencies/actions that can be construed as *personality* or *frame*.

The principles of game/stoicism work to iron out the kinks of your frame in order to minimize personal frustration and maximize fulfillment. Tight game is about shedding previous mental limitations/insecurities in order to become a more attractive YOU, allowing you to optimally mesh with the type of women complimenting your best self.

There’s Nothing Fake About This Process

What is fake however, is when you attempt to force yourself into a version of “alpha” that doesn’t speak to your true self. This comes off as try-hard and attracts the wrong kinds of people by the boatload. There is a bit of “fake it til you make it” when you work to improve yourself, but this isn’t problematic in the long run if the change is genuine.

There’s a difference between sampling new things and squeezing into a shoe that doesn’t fit. Ironically, a phony approach to life will end up significantly diverting your trajectory away from the path that would ultimately have given you the most fulfillment. Again, you only have yourself to blame.

What supersedes “game” is the genuine masculine energy that you share with the world. This is how everything trickles down from a POSITION OF STRENGTH. Once you realize your own inner-value, you can project it in a way that fits your true self – After all, the number of styles within the game are as limitless as the universe itself.

When you hold the winning frame that most reflects what you want out of life, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards the arenas/social circles/women that suit you best.

Always be conscious of how your will relates to the world and how you can refine it.

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  1. Mojambo says

    Another excellent post.

    I’ve recently been exploring the value of authenticity in regards to the human experience. To be truly authentic is to completely own your power as a human being. Being inauthentic (posturing, using “game”, being deceptive, etc.) only serves to diminish your power, and in turn you will only attract inauthentic, weak, low-value individuals into your life.

    An authentic frame trumps all.

    • mister_infinite says

      Tight game isn’t necessarily “manipulation” but rather the expression of true value and power. People love to be charmed, but they hate getting blatantly taken advantage of. A smooth-talking salesman makes the buying process enjoyable for everyone involved. Authenticity is important, but it must always come from a POSITION OF STRENGTH/dominant masculine frame.

  2. Gabriel Prince says

    In short, dominant, masculine, alpha men won’t desire entitled, overweight, masculine women. They have no place in his world. Brilliance. This is a trumpet sounding from the shining city on a hill.

    • mister_infinite says


      It really comes down to internalizing abundance and being satisfied with your own frame. People only accept bad energy into their lives when they believe they aren’t capable of doing better.


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