Here’s The HONEST Truth About Lifestyle Design

lifestyle design
The exponentially evolving rate of technological progress is contributing to the birth of new social/economic options.

As the age of information continues to unfold, more and more individuals are turning to the internet for their livelihoods.

Vast numbers of people are finding unconventional ways to deliver value as low-mid level skilled jobs previously available to them become increasingly outsourced and automated.

This type of environment has made some of us more aware of the inherent personal control (will) that we wield over our personal realities.

While the concept of “lifestyle design” has become intertwined with the archetype of the digital nomad, it ultimately applies to every single last one of us.

Throughout the ages, people have moved into certain roles because of their accompanying lifestyles (i.e. knight, samurai, blacksmith, pimp, artist, etc.). Now as the world becomes increasingly globalized, conventional roles are becoming more diversified.

Traditional options are much less rigid and have greater noticeable room for interpolation.

The particular role you may choose to embody can be modified to serve your own subjective needs and desires. The choices you make on a daily basis are in fact your own (sometimes unconscious) methods of lifestyle design.

What Percentage Of High-Value/Low-Value
Decisions Do You Make?

“Lifestyle design” typically alludes to positive changes made within your daily routine. It’s important to note that losers have just as much control over their realities as winners, but they choose to attract different entities based on the quality of their inner-will. Those who seek out the niche of lifestyle design seem to be striving for a greater fulfillment within their lives.

The definition of lifestyle design is better construed as the construction of a reality tunnel optimally suited for the individual.

Not everyone wants to be a digital nomad, and that’s perfectly fine. You don’t have to live an unconventional life to make high-value changes to the areas that you would like to improve upon. What matters most is that you stay brutally honest with yourself in terms of WHAT you need to change within your reality tunnel and HOW you can make it happen.

Lifestyle design doesn’t always need to be a complete overhaul of your entire identity (although sometimes it does).

The Goal Should Always Be To Assume The Highest Value Version Of Yourself

With every change of WILL, different externalities and habits become attracted to you. The more money I make, the more I find myself working out/building connections and vice versa. It’s rare to have one without the others because high value is ALL ENCOMPASSING.

Self-discipline ripples throughout your entire life.

The greatest obstacle within the path of your own lifestyle design is whether you view yourself as a victim of circumstance (external locus of control) or a creator of circumstance (internal locus of control).


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