Do You Understand Synchronicities? Exactly What Recurring Symbols Mean

What’s a synchronicity?

It’s a recurring meme/entity within your personal reality.

This phenomenon occurs because your mind works like a radio transmitter – Whatever your mind entertains becomes more noticeable in your physical world.

(This is often referred to as your “reticular activating system”)

Higher levels of consciousness are able to see different opportunities/potential actions within a given situation than the lower levels can.

Here’s how you can use synchronicities to your benefit.

To Understand Synchronicities All You Have To Do Is
Use Them As A Mirror

Synchronicities aren’t good or bad – They’re simply the external reflections of your dominant thoughts.

  • LOW QUALITY THOUGHTS = scarcity and despair.
  • HIGH QUALITY THOUGHTS = wealth and potential.

The importance of recognizing synchronicities is they let you observe the physical reflection of your mindset. This is helpful with regards to unearthing the patterns of both the conscious and unconscious minds. There may be blockages/limitations on these pathways you haven’t fully come to terms with yet.

If You Recognize Recurring Memes Out Of Line With Your Goals, It’s Time To Re-Evaluate Your Priorities

While the synchronicities within your reality can show you the physical representations of your thoughts, it’s still your personal responsibility to react accordingly once this knowledge becomes apparent.

tunnel vision

You see, the law of attraction gives you what you ARE, not what you desire.

Synchronicities are best used as tools to recognize your focus.

This is in fact how personal realities are created. When the power of attention is focused upon a certain set of synchronicities (consciously or unconsciously), your surroundings change. Your overall lifestyle is simply your own way of approaching the world, and there are an infinite number of ways to go about it.

My own lifestyle is all I know. As much as my comfort zone expands and my limitations fade away, many experiences and choices don’t appeal to me in the slightest. My current reality tunnel doesn’t let these things appear due to the nature of my will and the direction I want to take my trajectory in.

Nobody Can Recognize The Synchronicities Within Your Reality Besides Yourself

It’s helpful to think of them as street signs.

Ignoring them will have you running in circles. At the same time, don’t mindlessly pursue all synchronicities just because you see them.

It’s important to follow the synchronicities reflective of your goals. You only have yourself to blame for following the wrong directions due to your lack of understanding/willingness to achieve.


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