Micro Frame vs. Macro Frame

micro vs. macro frame

When your moves have purpose, you instill confidence in yourself (and vice versa).

-Bruce Lee

What’s the difference between your micro and macro frame?

In some of my posts I’ve discussed the importance of balancing the micro with the macro within your lifestyle/perspective. This same concept applies to frame control.

Your MICRO FRAME is your actions. Your MACRO FRAME is your identity.

Let’s go ahead and break it down even further.

EXAMPLES OF MICRO FRAME (high-value actions):

  • Random girl asks you to buy her a drink, you say NO.
  • Sleazy con-man tries to waste your time, you tell him NO.
  • Employer asks you to come in on your day off/weekend, you say NO.
  • When necessary, you give your 2 cents in a group situation without shame or apology

EXAMPLES OF MACRO FRAME (high-value philosophy):

Your macro frame trickles into your micro frame actions, while the sum of your micro frame actions determines your overall macro frame. Your micro frame is simply how you convey your philosophy.

Balance between the two = CONGRUENCE.

You can’t have one without the other, so it’s essential you understand their connection.

When your macro frame is built out of a foundation of positive value, it’s easier to express it on the micro frame level. Small victories on the micro frame battleground contribute to the strength of your macro frame due to the mind-body dichotomy. However, placing too much emphasis on the outcome of your micro level frame will toss you about the eternal whirlpool of chaotic entropy.

From Scott Plous’ “The Psychology Of Judgement And Decision Making“:

It’s well known that changes in attitude can lead to changes in behavior, but research on cognitive dissonance shows that changes in attitude can also follow changes in behavior. According to the theory of cognitive dissonance, the pressure to feel consistent will often lead people to bring their beliefs in line with their behavior. In many cases, people also distort or forget what their initial beliefs were.

It really is that simple.

Some people will react with annoyance when they realize you’re one of the last few men alive with a pair of balls. You should thank them for their behavior because it allows you to identify them as incompatible with your standards/boundaries/macro frame.

If you’re the type of guy who cedes frame control for a potential whiff of pussy, then you don’t embody the principles of a high value man. You have to stay true to your macro frame regardless of temporary situations. Flip-flopping between values for the sake of pleasing other people is not sustainable in the long run.

Both Your Micro And Macro Frames Should Be High Value If You Strive To Live Abundantly

When you become entirely congruent with the HIGH VALUE mentality, your surroundings will reflect your inner-wealth. The tides of time always put your frame to the test.

Are you the real deal?

Do your actions reflect your principles and vice versa?

Posturing is a temporary/unstable “fix” for a bigger problem. You have to actually BECOME a winner if you want to be surrounded by excellence.

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