Novice To Expert – Little Differences That Lead To BIG Results

novice to expert

How can you go from novice to expert?

It’s about seeing the same concepts with different eyes.

-The novice puts his ego ahead of his willingness to progress.
-The expert puts himself on the line so he grows with every setback.

-The novice stays fixated upon rigid “perfection”.
-The expert uses his imperfections to his advantage.

-The novice sticks to his understanding while overlooking context.
-The expert knows a particular strategy should always take its surrounding circumstances into account.

-The novice draws most of his power from his conscious mind.
-The expert understands the duality of the universe and finds balance between the conscious and unconscious.

Taking Breaks
-The novice underestimates the importance of rest.
-The expert takes time to recharge his batteries.

Approach to Pain
-The novice breaks form under pressure.
-The expert has normalized a higher tolerance for discomfort and pain.

Finding Inspiration
-The novice relies on his surroundings to find inspiration.
-The expert’s refined consciousness finds wonder within the mundane.

Simplicity vs. Complexity
-The novice charges past the basics, hoping to find answers in complexity.
-The expert knows greatness lies in mastering the basics.

Focus on Quantity vs. Quality
-The novice consumes lots of information.
-The expert emphasizes subtle refinement and internalization.

Approach to “Loss”
-The novice focuses mainly upon his victories and hopes to forget about his losses.
-The expert draws wisdom from every experience, as the seed of one polarity lies within the other.

Total Commitment vs. Quick Fixes
-The novice looks for quick solutions.
-The expert surrenders to the demands of his arena.

Flexibility of Philosophy
-The novice settles in to a certain way of doing things.
-The expert constantly exposes himself to opposing ideas to better understand the duality of his discipline.

Integration of Ideas
-The novice misses the forest for the trees.
-The expert knows total understanding is found by balancing micro with macro.

Closing Thoughts:

While the struggles of the novice may seem like a waste of effort, it’s only though learning WHAT NOT TO DO that the answers become apparent.

It’s a process of subtraction.

Every hour devoted to your discipline carves new neural pathways within your mind.

To go from novice to expert requires you to invest in the quality of your perception. The master’s refined mental map allows him to see what others can’t.

There’s no shortcut through this process.

PS. Read “The Art of Learning” by Josh Waitzkin.


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