9 Valuable Principles To Live By


If you can use your principles for many years without fail, then they are sound.

-Sam Carpenter

Winners live by principles.

Principles are essential to personal power because they convert into *processes*.

What are some of the most valuable principles? This article will give them to you. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have a clear road-map to being your best self.

Decisions Are Easy When You Have Solid Principles
To Live By

Your lifestyle is a system operating by your thought processes.

Many of these thoughts are unconscious, yet affect your results/success nonetheless.

There are many different approaches to building the pillars of your life. It’s essential you develop a style meshing with your own needs and desires.

Different people can contribute different pieces of unique insight into your philosophy. However, it’s your own responsibility to find the principles embodying the lifestyle you’d like to live.

The development of my own principles followed the process of adopting the mental framework/outlook of the most successful peers I surrounded myself with. I also read biographies of influential leaders.

Your perception of normalcy shifts with time.

When you find your place among an increasingly ambitious crowd, your mindset internalizes more detailed aspects of your principles. Outdated mental models erode every time you encounter “loss” or “failure”. When you observe what DOESN’T WORK you take notice of what you need to improve upon.

High-value principles stay constant, but their applications change according to every leader and every situation.

These principles include:

1) Self Respect

This is the foundation for a high-value identity.

All these other principles can arise out of an inner-base of value that permeates throughout your core. This doesn’t mean to shelter your ego from potential bruising, but rather suggests you lower your tolerance to value vampires/mistreatment.

Your value is a function of how you carry yourself i.e. how much respect you have for your frame/life.

2) Value Of Time

When you realize your internal worth, you place greater value upon your time.

Since you’re a valuable person, shouldn’t your time be used in a valuable manner as well?

A winner views every potential commitment to his schedule through the lens of a general cost/benefit analysis. His time is only invested in people and places that bring something to the table. Anything else would be a foolish waste.

3) Self-Sufficiency

It’s essential to take responsibility for your own success.

While it’s true that wealth and opportunity come through social connections, it’s important to stick to your own self-sufficiency.

Your life’s project should be mastery over your own mind. That’s the one true variable you have control over.

The answers can only come from within.

4) Discipline Above Indulgence

It’s more important to stay true to a rigorous daily schedule that aims to compound value than to indulge yourself in temporary escapism.

When high-value actions become a regular part of your routine, you’ll find your dreams merging with your reality.

The only way to realize this strategy is to stay the course you’ve set out on via discipline.

5) Maintain An Appearance Of Confidence

Confidence is the most important aspect of your appearance.

The nicest clothes in the world mean nothing if you carry yourself like a chump.

No matter how hard your inner-battle may be at times, you can never let it show.

Maintaining a confident appearance in the face of adversity will eventually have your mind accept it as truth.

6) Set The Example You’d Like To See

You attract the vibe of your actions.

  • A sloppy man can’t expect to fuck gorgeous women.
  • A man with poor hygiene can’t expect to find his way into high-value social circles.
  • A man who never exposes himself to any of the rich experiences available outside of his comfort zone can’t expect to vibe well with people who do.

7) Have Standards For Your Environment/Company

This principle is a natural side effect of setting an example.

Refining your sense of value makes you far more critical of what you expose yourself to.

A high-value body and mind require the best fuel available.

When you become more selective of the energy and influences you consume, you start to engineer a particular lifestyle and identity for yourself.

As always: garbage in = garbage out.

8) Find Inspiration In The Success Of Others

Haters resent those who are successful because high-value forces them to examine their own failures.

Instead of seething at success with envy, it’s best to take note of how prosperous people live their lives.

This aligns you with abundance, giving you a boost of motivation to reach the next level.

9) Always Stand By Your Word (Congruency And Consistency)

There’s a giant misconception that game is about dishonesty.

While inauthentic posturing will net you some initial gains, you’ll face tremendous long term losses.

When people recognize you as a snake/fake/liar/phony, they stop taking you serious as you clearly demonstrate a lack of principles.

There’s a major difference between finesse and faking the funk altogether.

A good name is one of the most valuable assets you can possess – It’s like a credit card you can use when you don’t have any cash at all.

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