How To Start Learning From Failure (What To Do When Facing A Setback)

How can you keep learning from failure?

Your weaknesses slap you across your face when you face a setback.

Setbacks reveal the holes within your mental framework.

How you react to this information is what determines your fate.

Using the negative aspects of the universe to your benefit will propel you further than you would have ever thought possible. Even the most adverse circumstances possess the seeds of wealth and abundance.

Learning From Failure – Turning Adversity Into Strength

Your greatest strengths lie within your imperfections.

The other day I heard about how slaves in Brazil were always served the absolute worst cuts of meat from the hogs that their masters slaughtered. Despite the cards dealt to them, the slaves made due with what they had. With a creative approach, they managed to see the value within the slop available. The type of meal that developed out of these circumstances would eventually go on to become a national delicacy.

Another example of finding strength in adversity is when the rapper 50 cent was shot through his jaw during an assassination attempt right on the eve of his debut album release. In the frenzy that followed, he was dropped from his label for the violence associated with his name. With a bullet fragment still stuck within his tongue, 50 decided to reinvent himself. Even though his injury altered his style of rapping, he utilized this development as a strength. Within the next decade, he would grow to build an entertainment/business empire.

It’s your mindset that determines your ability to become an alchemist of your environment/circumstances.

To see external value first requires you to see the value within.

All External Alchemy Arises As The Result
Of Internal Alchemy

How can you expect to master your world if you can’t even take charge of yourself?

Your fluctuating circumstances should have ZERO bearing over your self-esteem and ability to improvise. It’s best to always carry yourself with an attitude of inherent value, regardless of how you actually feel. No situation is hopeless unless you let it break your spirit.

When you look for the value in every situation or entity you come across, you’ll be presented with quite a few unique opportunities – Moping around and dwelling on loss keeps you blind to the constantly emerging wealth all around.

Appreciate your setbacks and all they allow you to realize about yourself.

P.S. Read “The 50th Law“. It contains lots of great info about finding strength out of adversity.


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