How To Find Mastery Via Pattern Recognition

pattern recognition
Success depends on your ability to find mastery via pattern recognition.

Regardless of the skills you would like to learn or the arenas you throw yourself into, every process of improvement follows the same overall methodology.

When You Begin, The Most Pronounced Patterns Within Your Field Stick Out Rather Quickly

  • Notes and chords (piano)
  • Complementary colors (art)
  • Grammar/spelling (writing)

As you grow familiar with the fundamentals, you begin to develop a particular approach to your arena. New possibilities of combination gradually reveal themselves to you.

Suddenly, You Run Into A Wall

The initial momentum you stimulated comes to a grinding halt.

You feel intimated by the endless layers of complexity that weave between the foundations you internalized.

  • Could it be that you aren’t as talented as you believe yourself to be?
  • Could it be that you didn’t actually grasp the fundamentals as clearly as you thought you did?

Determined to power through to the next level, you soldier on. Referring back to the basics with a heightened sense of awareness reveals some of the things you overlooked.

As the metaphysical structure of your talent grows brick by brick within the vast reservoir of infinite possibility, you realize your arena mirrors the fractal nature of the universe.

The parts are contained within the whole. The whole is reflected within its parts.

The dichotomous spectrum of extremes sits perfectly balanced upon the neutral reference point that is the singularity.

You recognize that the universe does not play favorites.

In This Uncaring Nature
You Find The Greatest Treasure Of All…

The personal power to affect influence upon your environment.

Through creating, you explore the nature of all that is. The knowledge you gain in one arena is immediately translatable into all the others. The sharper you develop your skills, the more intricate of a picture you have immediate access to.

Whether you zoom in or zoom out, there is always something to be learned from every experience. Every perceived negative contains a positive. Every perceived positive contains something negative.

Your mind evolved to recognize patterns and use them to your benefit.

The only thing standing between you and the mastery of your mind/reality is how deep you’re willing to dive into the depths.


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