Emotional Control – The Balance Between Focus And Intensity

passionate yet uncompromising
To be “unreactive” doesn’t mean to accept mistreatment or to shy away from challenge.

All it means is to control your emotions.

It’s possible to be an intense and passionate person without getting caught up in the self-sabotaging psychological seeds others may try to plant within your mind.

People Often Throw Negative Suggestions Your Way To
See If You’ll Believe Them

Regardless if you have a grasp on your inner-value or not, you should ALWAYS make sure that your principles are heard loud and clear.

  • Don’t waste my time.
  • Don’t take my attention for granted.
  • Don’t leech off the value and good-will that surrounds me.
  • Don’t try to forcefully sell me on things I’m not interested in.

You don’t need to say these things, but they DO need to come across in your vibe and body language.

Expressing Your Boundaries May Offend Those Who Have Lower Standards For Their Company

It isn’t NEGATIVE to have a low-tolerance for certain behaviors.

A man of value knows that it’s his responsibility to always set a proper example.

The world is full of snakes and vampires. It just so happens they’re allergic to clear-cut principles.

Even if you carry yourself in a valuable manner, some people will see if they can take advantage of your positive energy.

Such Is The Way Of The World

The dishonesty of less-principled folk should never provoke you to lash out in a reckless manner. They want to throw you out of your rhythm so that you sink down to their level. Such individuals take great pleasure in watching higher-value fall.

It’s possible to stay passionate yet uncompromising.

A healthy balance of intensity and control is to accept no bullshit and put leeches/haters on blast *without* butt-hurtedness.

The Key Is To Maintain Your Internal
Position Of Strength

Stoic philosophy doesn’t aim to turn you into an emotionless robot.

All you have to do is take action on your own terms.

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