The Organic Nature Of Leadership: Secrets To Steal From INCREDIBLE Innovators


The ruler who is good for anything ought not to beg his subjects to be ruled by him.


What’s the nature of leadership?

When you carry yourself in a valuable manner, people will become intrigued by your purpose and look to your frame for guidance.

When you lead yourself, you tend to automatically lead others.

This post will tell you everything you need to know about being a better leader.

Let’s begin.

Behavior Reflects Responsibility

We recognize value unconsciously.

Those who take more *responsibility* have more value.

Dominant/submissive behavior arises out of this imbalance.

You may have noticed how women gravitate towards the highest-value frames within a given social setting. This is because their feminine energy balances itself around dominance. They may bounce around and soak up lower-value attention from around the room, but they always find their way back into the presence of self-assured men.

When you feel secure enough within a high-value frame, you can throw out crumbs of conversation to the people around you to see if they’re compatible with your principles. If their behaviors and attitudes are up to par, you can engage them further. At that point you’re shit-testing them for value.

True Value Needs No Convincing

Such is the nature of leadership – The less you care about peoples’ opinions, the more they adore you, and the more you can set the standards for engagement.

There’s no need to get butt-hurt when your value goes unrecognized. You can’t be all things to all people, but your best self WILL be everything to some.

A leader’s intellectual acts are strong and independent even in isolation. His will requires no reinforcement from anyone else. His world is so abundant with value other people want to live in it.

The more a person influences his environment, the more he’s respected by others.

In Choosing A Leader, People Choose Themselves

People choose their leaders based upon the perceived benefits they can enjoy from hanging around a greater intensity of will.

(Whether this frame is virtuous or not is a whole other story)

The leader acts as the group nucleus. He incorporates their shared consciousness and goals.

Forced leadership never endures because people re-orient themselves around authentic value.

(Are you up for “The leadership challenge“?)

A guy with a weak mindset doesn’t inspire anyone (male or female) to follow because he doesn’t set a proper example. People who have to constantly turn to others for approval and direction lack the traits to achieve anything big.

A strong masculine frame acts as a shining beacon, attracting others with its allure. People recognize you as a leader when you behave in a manner that’s worth following.

Dick-measuring behavior is a poor emulation of value because it arises out of a compensating mindset.

If you’re the type of person who constantly tries hard to summon attention or fit into a particular social group then you aren’t carrying yourself in a valuable manner. Those kinds of mannerisms only occur when you feel the need to qualify.

High-Value Is Self-Assured And Accepts That Not Everyone Vibes On The Same Wavelength

Many leaders don’t even care whether or not people follow them due to their self-sufficient attitudes.

They simply act in a valuable manner and others hop on board because they benefit from their example.

P.S. Read “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell.


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