The Benefits To Keeping A Clean Desk

keeping a clean workspace
I mentioned earlier in my post “The Influence of Environment” that your predominantly frequented surroundings impress themselves upon your mind.

This phenomenon also works in its reverse…

If You Don’t Have A Clean Desk, Then Surely Your Mind Must Be Disordered As Well

Not only does clutter represent the accumulation of half-baked ideas partially manifested or a lack of personal discipline…

It impedes upon your ability to think clearly.

The mind-body dichotomy also translates to an internal-external dichotomy. If you make external changes to your lifestyle, then your mind will reflect the new developments. Similarly, if you invest into the quality of your mind you’ll find yourself acting in high-value ways to maintain congruence.

Ever since I started maintaining a clean desk, my productivity skyrocketed. It felt as if a massive weight had been lifted.

There was no more miscellaneous unfinished business floating around my reality tunnel (both physical/metaphysical).

Since Your Externalities Are Reflective Of Your Mind,
It’s Important To Keep Them Orderly

Discipline is ALL-ENCOMPASSING, meaning that your overall approach to life (and value) shines through within everything you do and represent.

There’s a reason why we make generalized snap judgements of each other off our appearances/externalities…

The value of keeping a clean desk is that your mind has room to make innovative connections. You would be surprised just how big of a difference such simple re-arrangements can make.

The very act of exerting a personal sense of organization over your environment sends a powerful message to your mind of how you value yourself… Something so basic can greatly add fuel to the fire of a positive feedback loop.

Discipline Starts With The Smallest Things You Do

You can’t expect to become something bigger if you don’t even have the micro aspects of your life in check.

Your sense of attention to detail reflects itself in the larger things you do.


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