Do You Know How To Be Congruent With High Value?

How To Be Congruent With High Value?

The world is full of pseudo-dominance, hollow facades, and dick-measuring behavior.

While this type of status jockeying may temporarily fool some people, the eventual cracks shining through social posturing reveal the true character of said individuals…


Many People Like To Think Of Themselves As Winners, Even When Reality Says Otherwise

As a result, those who can’t transcend their ego bruising pump themselves up by putting on a big grandiose act.

As I stated in my post “How to Develop Presence of Mind“, living life strictly out of the ego restricts you to a more childish existence.

A mental base of self-worth, self-respect, and objective perspective must first be solidly constructed before you can express congruence with higher value.

It’s not that winners don’t regard themselves as worthwhile…


It’s just that their egos are *congruent* with the actions they take and the lifestyles they live.

You’ve probably met all kinds of big talkers who smugly assign all types of labels to themselves…

  • “poet”
  • “actor”
  • “artist”
  • “musician”
  • “philosopher”
  • “entrepreneur”

When you inquire about any of the work they’ve actually finished or projects they are working on, you’ll be met with an endless list of excuses. This type of character is amusing because he fashions himself as high value even though he clearly doesn’t walk the walk.

Anyone Who Blatantly Advertises An Identity For Themselves Is Projecting A Fantasy

We all have an idealized self within our minds, but only a small percentage of us seize the ability to live in congruence with genuine value.

The difference between self-assured high-value confidence (position of strength) and snarky/low-value “confidence” (position of compensation) is as clear as night and day.

True Value Is Undeniable

When placed in a situation with a fake “alpha” or a bitchy woman, all you have to do is hold your frame and accept no bullshit. Dick-measurers who constantly act try-hard will quickly cede their ground when they realize you see right through them. Many of the girls who initially give you a hard time will rapidly change their tone if your masculinity is potent enough to draw out their femininity.

It’s all about how you carry yourself.

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