Increase Your Personal Value By Surrounding Yourself With Excellence

Time spent in discouraging environments or around losers takes its toll upon your mind.

Even though a strong will can re-frame circumstance, the energy wasted could be used in a far more productive way.

Imagine how much further you could increase your personal value if you could somehow capture this lost energy.

It Just So Happens When There’s A Will There’s A Way

Within the past few years, I’ve learned to be extremely “selfish” (selective) about my personal energy and who I share it with. It really is quite amazing just how much of a difference it makes to live your life free from energy drains.

When you surround yourself with the best company and environments, you use these positive forces of nature to propel you forward.

Dead-weight requires attention to sustain itself…

All You Have To Do Is
Give Yourself Permission To Demand Better

As I gradually became aware of my inner-value, I realized just how wastefully I had been allocating my energy.

  • “I’ll just go along with what other people tell me to do.”
  • “Sure man, I’ll go out of my way for you… even though you never reciprocate.”
  • “Let’s spend another evening watching youtube and smoking weed… no big deal.”

Notice how all of these examples share a common theme.

The inability to draw a line.

At some point enough has to be enough. The more you value your time/emotional resources, the less energy you have to waste on value-leeching actions/activities.

The lower the value of your mentality, the greater your ability to tolerate energy drains and mistreatment.

Your surroundings directly reflect how you subconsciously value yourself.

How You Use Your Energy Is Entirely Your Choice

You have no right to complain if you place yourself into losing situations (no matter your excuses).

Bad habits must be recognized and eradicated if you intend to consolidate your “lost energy”.


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