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The main reason that I write this blog is to share my own personal growth with those who can relate to my experiences/perspectives. Shortly before I started writing, I had experienced a nuclear shift within my outlook on life and felt the need to express the intensity that was churning about within me. This passion has since changed its form and gone in many interesting directions.

As this site continues to grow and expand, I’d like to take a moment to ask for some feedback from the readers.

  • What are some of the topics you would like to see me expand upon/cover?
  • How can I improve this website?
  • What is the best aspect of this site?
  • What is the worst aspect of this site?
  • What stands out?
  • What would make this site a 10/10 for you?
  • What would you rate it out of 10 in its current form?
  • How do you see me limiting myself?
  • Would you like to see pictures inserted into the posts?
  • How can I make your user experience more enjoyable?

Feel free to say whatever else you want me to hear.

I thank you in advance for your feedback and for the time spent telling me how you feel.

I appreciate it.


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  1. ShawnH says

    I visit this site daily for updates just because the content is so great. You really do a great job articulating thoughts of my own as well as new ideas for me to build upon. You never seem to slip in the quality of any article you post up.

    I like the new design better than the old one but I think the main issue for you is that you have no distinct branding. No header or logo. The overall design is kind of drab. That doesn’t mean that the functionality of the site isn’t great though. Very easy to navigate which is most important. I do believe some aesthetic changes would be a great improvement.

    Like I said I check the site daily for new content. The post are frequent enough for me to be happy with although I would enjoy them daily, ONLY if the quality was to remain the same. If that isn’t possible then I would definitely understand.

    As far as ideas for new content I’d like to see from you:
    More stories from your personal life where you’ve used some of the ideas that you write about as examples.
    More articles on making money and building cashflows using your life principles.(If you have this knowledge.)
    Since I’ve found this site I’ve always felt like you could be at the top of the manosphere along with B&D, D&P and GLL. You offer another side/view of motivational content that they don’t really hit upon. I think you should find more ways to make your content actionable for readers. I think that would make readers participate in the comments section more which I would LOVE to see.

    Other than that, I am a fan of your writing and hope to see this site continue to grow. Thank you.

      • ShawnH says

        All of your posts have a consistent theme. HIGH VALUE. This basic premise is so simple but stands for so much. Other sites cover this topic but you put a focus on it that gives a thorough understanding.

  2. says

    I love this site. I like the way you write from your own perspective with no apologies. Your overall vibe is very positive, but you also write about excellence and not wasting time with loser thoughts or loser people. I also dig the way you are open to more than one way of experiencing reality (not totally attached to dry, linear thought).

    Design-wise, i find the floating bar at the top to be distracting. When I read online, I don’t scroll with the mouse or the arrow keys. I just read to the bottom of the page and then hit space bar for a new wall of text. When doing this on your blog with the current design, I have to then arrow-up a bit to see what’s hidden by the black bar. It’s distracting. I suspect I’m not the only person who reads this way.

    Otherwise, keep up the great work.

  3. Mojambo says

    Quality > Quantity.

    This is not to say that the quality of your posts has diminished. I think you’ve maintained a pretty solid level of quality in your posts. But if it came down to having two EXCELLENT posts per week, versus four GOOD posts per week, go with the two excellent ones.

    Abundance of information = Poverty of attention

    I appreciate that you have distanced yourself from the ‘manosphere’. I used to follow some of the other blogs, but yours is the only one I really read anymore. Many of the others are too preoccupied with the external pursuits (women, money, bashing feminism, etc.) and they come off sounding very unenlightened in comparison to your blog.

    Keep up the great work

    • mister_infinite says

      One can either react to the truth in a high-value or a low-value manner.. With regards to the distancing that you speak of, I have simply aligned myself (and this website) with a higher-value/proactive approach. Those who complain about human nature might just as well be complaining about the existence of gravity.

      Mastery over your reality can only arise out of the mastery of your mind.

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