How To Be Consistent (And Get What You Really Want)

how to be consistent

You can only use so much energy and attention on a daily basis.

That’s why consistency is an essential ingredient in realizing your personal power.

How To Be Consistent?

First you must realize you’re worthy of success.

If you happen to have a loser’s mentality, you’ll be exponentially more likely to tolerate energy drains due to the aura of scarcity dominating your thoughts.

A winner’s mentality allocates its vessel’s energy in a far more economic manner (which can be perceived as dick-ish by those on a different frequency).

Even if you possess a resilient strength of inner-will, the process of re-framing your experiences (maintaining inner-peace) unnecessarily exerts valuable energy. If you want to be the best you can be, you have to be extra careful about side-stepping this type of friction.

This doesn’t mean to shy away from conflict altogether, but it DOES mean the average sum of your influences should be positive/high-value.

You may think energy lost on relatively trivial matters doesn’t take away your overall vibe…

The Difference Between Mediocrity And Excellence Is A Matter Of Detail

For every person who regularly blows off steam by binge drinking at bars, there’s another who’s patiently honing his craft/value.

It really comes down to HOW BAD YOU WANT IT.

The habits dominating your subconscious mind are the sculptors of your subjective experience.

It’s Possible To Live Abundantly
While Being Selective Of Your Surroundings

The limited nature of attention and time already places a natural constraint upon how you can use these variables.

You might as well invest them in a high-value way…

As my inner-game has grown, I’ve become more selfish about maintaining my vibe by being more selective of the entities (people/environments) I spend time around.

Persistent investment into the quality of my consciousness has normalized certain principles within my subconscious mind. Former low-value temptations are now seen in a different light.

I’ve accepted the implications/consequences (good and bad) of living a lifestyle in line with my goals.

In order to realize the visualizations sketched within your mind, it’s essential you maintain a vibe resonating with what you want to attract.

Anything else is unacceptable.


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