How to Be Organized: Tips to Create a Better Schedule

Did you know 90% of your daily actions are purely habitual?

It’s true.

In fact, many of these habits have *subconsciously* become a part of your routine.

Some of these tendencies may not be the greatest for your personal development.

It’s impossible to live an abundant life if you make arbitrary goals and maintain a weak sense of discipline.

Notice how these two approaches clash with one another?

Your habits (whether high or low value) compound over time, giving way to MAJOR developments down the line.


How To Be Organized: Place Keystone Habits
Into Your Routine

A high value lifestyle stresses accountability and responsibility with regards to realizing your visualizations.

It’s helpful to write down all of your major goals and then spend a week documenting your routines and habits.

This documentation includes everything from:

  • your diet
  • amount of exercise
  • when you go to bed
  • books/material read
  • when you start your day
  • hours of work/work habits

Once this knowledge becomes apparent, you can take immediate notice of what needs to change in order to realize your larger goals.

For instance, I have a tendency to go to bed much later than I should. As a result, I wake up later and work less effectively throughout the day. When I start everything earlier, I have time to wind up. This kind of approach greatly reduces pressure to rush through the day and eases the urge to procrastinate.

It’s Important For You To Establish A Solid Rhythm
(Winning Schedule) For Yourself

This may not sound like a big deal, but it makes a gigantic difference in the long run. It really is quite surprising to realize just how much “extra” potential we have within ourselves.

Hardened high-value principles make no concessions to temptations and potential distractions.

Since an average day is representative of your overall lifestyle, you must make sure that you allocate a proper amount of attention and time to each pillar of your life.

The more concrete your plans are thought out, the more likely you are to realize them.

Everyone Has “Dreams” But Not Everyone Has *Plans*

Will you actually go through with this exercise or fall into your previous (lower value) rhythm?

High value arises out of a particular STATE OF MIND that does not tolerate divergence from its course. Small exceptions here and there send extremely powerful messages to your subconscious of how you value yourself.

If you truly value the outcome of your trajectory, you’ll plan ahead with as much detail as possible and then take responsibility for your results.

You can’t expect a high value schedule/routine to simply pop out of thin air…

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