Pumping Iron: A Film About Excellence

Yesterday I came across a movie entitled Pumping Iron (1977).

It’s a documentary that chronicles the preparation that the world’s top bodybuilders underwent in the months leading up to the 1975 Mister Olympia contest

(Emphasizing the rivalry between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno).

To Say This Film Is Inspirational Would Be An Understatement

What was most intriguing to me was how the bodybuilders explained their philosophies on life, as well as how they carried themselves in social interactions.

The group of competitors trained together for most of their regiment at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California.

(Like attracts like)

This training routine was both physically and mentally grueling, as the bodybuilders constantly tested one another with subtle yet searing psychological jabs.

The core of the competition was a BATTLE OF WILL.

In the series of interviews conducted throughout the film, Arnold explained how he constructed a mental framework outside of the influence of emotion. With the extremely heightened stakes that he performed under, the smallest permeation of negative externalities into his internal rhythm could have contributed to loss. Therefore, it was necessary for him to maintain his vibe at all costs.

Discipline Must Be Absolute

When the bodybuilders socialized, Arnold in particular exuded a good-hearted polite condescension. All of his conversations embodied positive and abundant energy. He wished his competitors well, but still busted their balls from a position of strength.

He didn’t have anything to prove, didn’t leech off anyone else’s value, and always remained collected/in control.

What really amazed me was how all the bodybuilders carried themselves with the utmost sportsmanlike conduct. In their journey to push themselves to their absolute limits, it was necessary for them to eradicate all traces of low-value beliefs and attitudes.

  • complaining
  • making excuses
  • lashing out with resentment
  • expecting others to carry their weight for them

In order for the bodybuilders to manifest their desired physical results, they also had to refine the quality of their mentalities.

Such a collectively high equilibrium within their social circle ensured that all lower value stayed on the outside.

This film shows many great examples (both external and internal) of how to live a high-value lifestyle. I’d strongly recommend it for anyone interested in self-actualization.

P.S. Watch “Pumping Iron” today!


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