Why It’s Important To Build A Strong Foundation For Yourself


No structure can stand long when it rots from within.

-Robert Greene

Regardless of what kind of life you’d like to live, it’s important to note that nothing substantial can be built without a strong foundation.

I’ll go ahead and repeat that.

Nothing Substantial Can Be Built Without A
Strong Foundation

Aspiring bodybuilders don’t focus on muscle tonality, novice music producers don’t skip into complex mixing techniques, and 40 year old virgins don’t procure overnight harems of beautiful women.

The process of building a solid foundation in any realm of life is a long and arduous process.

Every influence you consume converges inside of you, slowly giving way to a much denser entity of its own.

Growth can definitely be painful at times.

Some days, you give your all into your arena and find that nothing seems to change. Other days you end up floored when a tidal wave of results comes tumbling in.

Plateaus Are Just As Valuable As Any
Other Part Of The Process

Even when you go to bed after a long day of seemingly fruitless exertion, you still learned important lessons.

  • Your approach was polished
  • Prior misconceptions were clarified
  • Necessary mistakes were gotten over with

These often overlooked aspects of the grind are important pieces of your foundation.

To step into a high-value position requires you to meet prerequisite conditions. Life is a series of moments stacked on one another. The options available to you TOMORROW are the result of the actions you take TODAY.

You see, your base has to be solid before you can add other layers.

A Strong Foundation Creates Unconscious Competence

Focus on 80/20 skills.

  1. Sales
  2. Design
  3. Influence

When you’ve built a strong foundation, you give yourself the means of *getting it back*. Whether you’re up or down, evergreen skills let you play the game with maximum efficiency.

A broad sense of competence attracts opportunities. This understanding allow you to work freely and take greater risks with less planning.

Skills build on each other to create a unique offering.

This explains why people can be talented and unsuccessful. (Too one-dimensional. Never invested in keystone skills).

For Every Day Of Glory, There Are Many Days Of Labor

In order to reach those moments, you simply have to keep working towards them.

The only people dedicated enough to reach the highest levels of proficiency within a given arena are the ones who stop at nothing else to realize their goals.

You never hear them say,

I want to build a business empire but the game’s on tonight… Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.

That kind of attitude sells you short because it shows you’re not fully committed to your goals.

Your actions tell you what you truly value in life.

Will you put in the thousands of hours necessary to develop a proper foundation, or will you accept a more mediocre position for yourself?

You can’t simply buy a skillset…

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