Entrepreneur Mindset: What Need Can You Fulfill?

entrepreneur's mindset

The majority of the benefactors of the world made their discoveries to relieve some necessity which oppressed them personally.

-Russell H. Conwell

What *Need* Can You Fulfill?

The importance of asking yourself this question is that it probes your mind for a passionate response. Instead of mindlessly grinding away to solve problems unrelated to your own life experiences, it’s best to start out by looking for patterns among the fields you’re attracted to.

As an individual, your thoughts resonate on a particular wavelength with a similar demographic of people. This group shares overlapping needs and desires.

If the realization of an idea brings great value into your own life, shouldn’t other people value it as well?

The entrepreneur mindset is all about finding EFFECTIVE solutions/IMPROVING upon what already exists.

The reason why I created this website is to explain the unraveling of my former low-value mentality. While other similarly-themed websites provide excellent value, every author has his own unique perspective. This site primarily aims to reach out to those who currently inhabit my old state of being, as well as to inspire other progress-minded individuals through my continued growth. I intend for my articulations to help clear mental blockages and plant new food for thought.

If I can tap into the vast potential deep within me, SO CAN YOU.

This site was born out of a burning desire to release knowledge that has served me well. Every article I publish represents a mini-epiphany of sorts. Sometimes I get hit with many in a row, other times I feel like my thoughts need a bit more nourishment.

For every major realization that I have and every problem I find a solution for, I write an article.

The change that I want to see in the world is for more people to become aware of the latent value within them. Not only does this kind of awakening benefit the individual… it benefits the collective mind as a whole.

Realization of vision begins with finding inspiration in your own day-to-day life.

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  1. ShawnH says

    Great post. Asking myself this question recently helped me pinpoint who/what it is that i would like to be for the rest of my life. Now it’s easier planning the steps to get there. After an existential crisis, knowing this information made life a bit more calm. An entrepreneurs path takes some serious self reflection at times.

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