How To Optimize The Economics of Your Personal Value


The cost of using a limited resource like time, effort, and money for a specific purpose, can be measured as the value or opportunity lost by not using it in its best available alternative use (assuming it achieves the same purpose).

-Peter Bevelin

Realities are subjective.

This affects your perception of value.

You spend your resources on things you perceive as valuable. This type of behavior ties in with your identity as a means to maintain congruence.

Everything in life has its price.

Every Person Lives By A Different Set Of Priorities

Within a given arena (money, game, fitness, skills, etc.), there are varying *levels of value*.

While it doesn’t take much effort to become mediocre at anything, higher levels have barriers. This weeds out the average from the proficient.

Many people give up on attaining higher value when they get hit by their initial plateaus/diminishing returns.

“Oh well… This is as good as it’s gonna get in life… I’m comfortable just the way I am.”

To become truly remarkable, you have to align with your deepest desires by asking yourself what you find valuable.

What are you willing to endure/invest in order to realize your desired results?

Every Benefit Comes With A Cost

Would you rather spend time with a 7 girl who has a bubbly feminine demeanor, or a bitchy yet somewhat receptive 9?

No matter how you slice it, training the 9 to meet your standards for behavior would drain energy you could invest in making money or learning a skill.

Neither choice is more valid because it all comes down to what YOU find more valuable.

Regardless of your approach, it’s important to maintain your overall sense of balance.

Since your choices contribute to your rhythm (feedback loop), and your rhythm contributes to your results, all your choices must be as efficient as possible in order to realize your vision.

If we had unlimited time and energy, we could master every arena in the universe. Unfortunately, you can only achieve so much in a given lifetime.

There’s no reason to feel jealous about the *appearance* of someone’s lifestyle because everything comes with a price.

  • A rich weenie using provider game may appear to have it all on the surface even if his strategy has tremendous costs.
  • A man with an iced-out watch, gold chains, and a luxury sports car may appear to be a big tycoon even if he financed all of his shiny accessories on credit.
  • A coke dealer/gang member who lives a fast lifestyle risks significant prison time or violent death.

Not Everything Is As It Seems

Do you value your immediate appearance/pleasures over your long term value/goals?

The only person to compare yourself to is yourself.

Strive to achieve your ideal lifestyle based on what you personally find valuable.

What Difference Does A Result Make When Its Costs
Outweigh Its Benefits?

From a big picture perspective, sacrifice of some sort is always necessary in order to become truly remarkable within a given field.

Lofty goals require you to keep your plate free from unnecessary clutter so your variables of time and attention have more room for use.


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